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Told there is no Santa by his older sister, an eight-year-old boy consults his grandma who challenges him to become one of Santa's helpers.
Have you ever thought what the world would be like if I didn’t carry that sack and make that sleigh ride each year? I know one thing; there wouldn’t be a need for a Naughty and Nice list anymore. Can you imagine all those children and their sad little faces? I could never give up this cause because the children are so angelic with those bright and cheery smiles when they look at you or the presents you leave on Christmas morning. -- Santa Claus
Remember the frenzy and thrill of those surprise gifts on your porch? This year, bring the magic and mystery of the 12 days of Christmas to your own children or grandchildren! Packed full of scrumptious treat recipes and charming gift ideas, this little book will have you wondering how you ever did without. Famous for her southern hospitality, Betty Van Orden brings the warmth and welcome that is part of her being to the reader. the Twelve Days of Christmas will enable you to bring more meaning into your holiday season. No more will you shop for gifts that have no purpose. the ideas in the Twelve Days of Christmas can make Christmas all you have wanted it to be in your family. You'll ask yourself, Why didn't I think of this sooner? This must-have book is filled with ideas and suggestions for making a more meaningful Christmas. Making treasured memories is what it's all about, so get on the bandwagon and bring the Twelve Days of Christmas to those you love.
Told there is no Santa by his older brother, Chad rushed off to consult with his Grandma, who he was sure, would be straight with him. After immediately declaring the idea that Santa might not exist to be absolutely ridiculous, she challenged him to become one of Santa's helpers. She suggests he buys and delivers a gift to someone who really needs it. Thus he learns the true meaning of Christmas and what Santa Claus is really all about. Their adventure, in which a gift is found, a deserving recipient is located, and a good deed accomplished.
A young boy who has trouble reading helps Santa with his yearly rounds and receives a special Christmas present.
Reveals secrets about Santa Claus' life and how things are run at the North Pole.
When Marcella accidently leaves her dolls Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy behind at her grandmother's house on Christmas Eve, the snowman Snowden comes to life and helps them reach home in time to spend Christmas morning with Marcella.

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