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Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, ruled from 1100 to 1135, a time of fundamental change in the Anglo-Norman world. This long-awaited biography, written by one of the most distinguished medievalists of his generation, offers a major reassessment of Henry’s character and reign. Challenging the dark and dated portrait of the king as brutal, greedy, and repressive, it argues instead that Henry’s rule was based on reason and order. C. Warren Hollister points out that Henry laid the foundations for judicial and financial institutions usually attributed to his grandson, Henry II. Royal government was centralized and systematized, leading to firm, stable, and peaceful rule for his subjects in both England and Normandy. By mid-reign Henry I was the most powerful king in Western Europe, and with astute diplomacy, an intelligence network, and strategic marriages of his children (legitimate and illegitimate), he was able to undermine the various coalitions mounted against him. Henry strove throughout his reign to solidify the Anglo-Norman dynasty, and his marriage linked the Normans to the Old English line. Hollister vividly describes Henry’s life and reign, places them against the political background of the time, and provides analytical studies of the king and his magnates, the royal administration, and relations between king and church. The resulting volume is one that will be welcomed by students and general readers alike.
This detailed biography concentrates on the domestic life of the monarch, foreign affairs in which he was involved and his influence on religion. Bibliogs
The Archaeology of the Medieval English Monarchy looks at the period between the reign of William the Conqueror and that of Henry VIII, bringing together physical evidence for the kings and their courts. John Steane looks at the symbols of power and regalia including crowns, seals and thrones. He considers Royal patronage, architecture and ideas on burials and tombs to unravel the details of their daily lives supported with many illustrations.
Though in his own time Edward IV was popularly seen as an able and successful king who rescued England from the miseries of civil war and provided the country with firm, judicious and popular government, later historians cast doubt on his achievement. This classic study - now reissued with a substantial new foreword by R. A. Griffiths - places the reign firmly in the context of late-medieval power politics, assessing the king's relations with the politically-active classes, and evaluating the many innovations in government on which Edward's reputation rests. Revealing the king as an enigmatic character intelligent, active and forceful, but also pleasure-loving and, in his later years, increasingly arbitrary and avaricious, Ross endorses Edward as a ruler of substantial accomplishment, whose methods and policies carved the foundation of early Tudor government.
Varujan Vosganian breitet einen fein gewebten Teppich an Geschichten und Figuren vor uns aus. In Focsani, einer Provinzstadt in Rumänien, scheinen sich die Wege des aus seiner Heimat vertriebenen armenischen Volkes zu kreuzen: Da ist Sahag, der von seiner Mutter für einen Sack Mehl verkauft wurde, und Siruni, die von den Russen nach Sibirien deportiert wurde. Und da ist Großvater Garabet, der weise die Fäden dieser so wunder- wie grausamen Saga zusammenhält. Eine fremde und ferne Welt, voll von phantastischen Geschichten und von tragischer Geschichte - das Schicksal des Volkes von Armenien als epochaler Roman.
Founder of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VII was a crucial figure in English history. In this acclaimed study of the king’s life and reign, the distinguished historian S. B. Chrimes explores the circumstances surrounding Henry’s acquisition of the throne, examines the personnel and machinery of government, and surveys the king’s social, political, and economic policies, law enforcement, and foreign strategy. This edition of the book includes a new critical introduction and bibliographical updating by George Bernard.
Weiße Rose, rote Rose – ein Kampf zwischen Liebe und Vernunft Henry Tudor hat sich nach der siegreichen Schlacht von Bosworth 1485 zum König krönen lassen. Doch der neugewonnene Frieden ist fragil: Um die verfeindeten Häuser York und Lancaster miteinander zu vereinen, heiratet er Elizabeth von York. Die Loyalität der Königin wird auf eine harte Probe gestellt, als ein junger Mann auftaucht und Anspruch auf den Thron erhebt. Elizabeth muss sich entscheiden, wem ihre Treue gilt: ihrem Gemahl, den sie langsam zu lieben lernt, oder dem Mann, der behauptet, ihr Bruder zu sein. «Philippa Gregory schreibt wirklich verdammt gut.» (Brigitte)

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