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Steve Barrett updates his popular guide to the Disneyland Resort s hidden Mickeys images of Mickey Mouse concealed all around the parks and resort hotels by Disney s Imagineers and designers. Once again "Hidden Mickey Guy" Barrett, as he s known to his legion of fans, tracks down the elusive Mouse finding him in nearly 500 hiding places old and new. He shares his findings in three scavenger hunts, complete with clues, hints, points to be scored, and places to tally them. Compete with family and friends to spot Mickey. Or simply search for him wherever you find yourself in the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks, Downtown Disney(r) District, or the resort hotels by consulting the "Index to Mickey s Hiding Places." Barrett includes complete descriptions of every hidden Mickey he s sighted. Fun for all "
Walt Disney was fond of saying, "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing: that it was all started by a mouse." And so it is only appropriate that the mouse is incorporated into nearly every aspect of the Disney parks and resorts. In some cases, Mickey's presence is obvious—as in the Partners statue that stands in the center of the hub at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. But in other cases, Mickey's influence is a bit more hidden. . . . So what exactly is a Hidden Mickey? Quite simply, it's an artistic representation of Mickey that was intentionally placed amid the architecture and design of the parks and resorts. Oftentimes it's the familiar three-circle shape of his ears and head. Other times it might be a profile of his face or a full-body silhouette. Disneyland Guests with keen eyes can tell you that Mickey pops up all over the resort, often in the most unexpected places. With this resort wide scavenger hunt, you'll be guided toward each Hidden Mickey, first with a general hint—if you're up for a challenge—and then with a very specific clue. It's so much search-and-find fun, you might forget about your FastPass reservation for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
Games, quests, and scavenger hunt challenges for all ages from the author of the acclaimed Hidden Mickey series. Explore Disneyland in a whole new way; see your favorite park with a new set of eyes. Games, puzzles, and challenges await as you race through Disneyland alone, with friends, or team up and challenge them. Score points on each quest you finish. See who knows the park the best as you decipher cryptic clues and find hidden symbols. Test your knowledge of the man who started it all—Walt Disney. Almost all the scavenger hunts are handicapped accessible fun for all ages, and all levels of Disney-based knowledge will be able to use this book to add to their fun at the park. Whether you bring the book for just you and your family, or whether you square off with a group of your friends—set some ground rules or just let everyone have a free-for-all and see who does the best.
Camouflaged images of Mickey Mouse are hidden all over the Disney Cruise Liner ships, just as they are in the Disney theme parks and resorts. Searching for them adds extra fun to any Disney voyage, and now cruise-goers can join the fun.
"Hidden Mickeys Go to Sea"contains an introduction to Hidden Mickeys followed by five scavenger hunts to find them with points awarded for discovering each Hidden Mickey on the four Disney Ships and Castaway Cay. Includes new Hidden Mickey information from the Disney Cruise Ships and Castaway Cay.
Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales! is the first in a series of action-adventure mysteries about Walt Disney and Disneyland, for adults, teens, and 'tweens ages ten and over. Two friends find Walt Disney's lost diary, but who knew it would lead them on a wild cross-country search filled with discoveries about the famous man, his life, and themselves. The diary hints of a hidden treasure, and you will walk in the shoes of our intrepid treasure hunters as they scavenge historical records and discover amazing connections, while they seek out what Walt may have left behind. Who else is seeking the treasure? As the clues lead them closer to their goal and deeper in the legacy of Walt Disney himself, will they find some long-lost treasure? Anyone who loves all things Disney will be swept up in the intrigue of the sometimes subtle, sometimes obscure, and always amazing facts surrounding one of the most recognized, beloved, and ingenious men of all time.
HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 1: Peter and the Wolf - 6th Hidden Mickey novel by Nancy Temple Rodrigue, that follows: "Hidden Mickey 4.5: Unfinished Business--Wals". If you like Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson you will LOVE Hidden Mickey Adventures. WHAT'S MORE EXCITING THAN A FAMILY DAY AT DISNEYLAND? Ditching their family, Peter Brentwood and his younger brother stumble upon a letter from the Master Storyteller himself, Walt Disney. Following a clue in the letter they are immediately caught up in what they thought was an innocently fun treasure hunt. SOMEONE ELSE DISCOVERS THEIR HUNT FOR HIDDEN TREASURE. The quest takes a serious turn when someone in a trusted position begins tracking their every move, hungering for the treasure for himself. WILL LONG-HELD SECRETS BE FORCIBLY REVEALED? The secrets Lance and Kimberly Brentwood have closely guarded could rip their family apart if compromised. At stake is something they hold very dear: Walt's Legacy. WATCH AS THIS YOUNGER GENERATION OF TREASURE HUNTERS GRAPPLE WITH AN IMPOSING AND FEARSOME MENACE. Wolf, their friend and protector steps in, but is it too little, too late? Uncover secrets of Disneyland and the Disney Studios in Burbank as we watch the drama unfold. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT DISNEYLAND THE SAME AGAIN! Next book: "HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 2: Peter and the Missing Mansion" Another "E-Ticket" ride through Disney's history.

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