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Do you have to lower your ethical standards in order to succeed at your job? High-Performance Ethics authors Wes Cantrell and James Lucas say that the answer is no. The authors outline ways to make ethical decisions (based on the Ten Commandments) that lead to highly successful business practices. High-Performance Ethics includes tips on how to lead a team with integrity, practical tools for resisting the pressure to compromise workplace standards, and encouragement for workers who want to see strong businesses—and strong values—thrive. 10 Principles: First Things Only (priorities) Ditch the Distractions Align with Reality (never claim support for a bad cause) Find Symmetry Respect the Wise Protecct the Souls Commit to the Relationships Spread the Wealth Speak the Truth Limit Your Desires
Most golfers strive to improve their scores. But like any pursuit it is empty without meaningful relationships with people and with God. In Beyond the Score, author Jim Sheard guides the reader to look beyond the last scorecard to the relationships that happen on and off the course. In an easy to read format, Sheard inspires others to pursue relationships with the same drive to succeed. Beyond the Score offers eighteen relationship keys based on the Scriptures and wisdom. He states, "For me, it is much more than a book about golf, it is a book about relationships, horizontal relationships with other people and the vertical relationship with God through Jesus." Performance on the course is important, but relationships last Beyond the Score. Beyond the Score is a book you will want to keep around for years. And it’s the perfect gift for friends, executives, and team members. Jim Sheard is an industrial psychology and human resources expert. After a 35-year career in corporate America, he has authored and co-authored eight books including In His Grip which has sold over 750,000 copies.
Aside from Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby has made his greatest impact by ministering directly to Fortune 100 and 500 CEOs, advising them on how to effectively blend their faith with their business. Out of that ministry’s success comes God in the Marketplace, a book to help everyone from the front desk to the executive suite best experience God’s will in his or her work. Blackaby believes that just as Jesus had businessmen among His original disciples, so may God be calling out businesspeople today in preparation for a worldwide spiritual revival. However, while those in the marketplace may have excellent educations and access to world-class leadership seminars, they often feel inadequate in matters of spiritual influence. God in the Marketplace will help them better understand what the Bible says about integrating their Christian faith with their work lives and provide biblical answers to the common yet difficult questions that are often raised for Christians at work. Endorsements: “Each page challenges ‘conventional wisdom’ with time-tested truth. Tremendous insights.” —John D. Beckett, chairman, R. W. Beckett Corporation, and author of Loving Monday and Mastering Monday “Clear, biblical perspectives. A ‘must-read’ for those seeking to achieve personal and business accomplishment.” —David “Mac” McQuiston, president and CEO, CEO Forum Inc. “Relevant, helpful, instructive, and encouraging.” —Ron F. Wagley, chairman, CEO, and president; retired, Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group
Told in the parable format of The One Minute Manager, this work draws on the model and messages of Jesus as a source of practical lessons in effective leadership. Recounting the story of a teacher, a minister and a marketplace leader who support one another in their leadership challenges, this book offers unexpected and exceptional answers to tough leadership issues. The authors offer simple strategies for bringing vision - and values - to the workplace by examining messages and examples from the Bible.
Some managers keep careful control of their staff... but wonder why no one shows any initiative. Other managers empower their people... but end up taking the blame for subordinates. How can leaders share power effectively without getting burned in the process? According to this groundbreaking book, the answer lies in the balance of power. It examines such issues as: The quantity of power: how much to keep and how much to share; The quality of power: who should get power and for what purposes they should use it; Myths about power and how they affect our use (or misuse) of it; Dependence and the death of initiative; Independence and the death of collaboration; Constructive and destructive power: how to enhance what is good while weeding out what is bad; Six workplace trends and how they affect the balance of power; The competitive advantage of a balance of power. Going well beyond both command/control and "empowerment" to the cutting-edge idea of powersharing, this book answers the questions of who has power, who wants to have it, and who ought to have it.
A growing number of next generation Christians are eager to learn, grow, and lead in ministry or in the marketplace. Mentoring young leaders, as they face the unique issues of a changing world, has been pastor and Visioneering author Andy Stanley's passion for more than a decade. Here, he shares material from his leadership training sessions, developed to address essential leadership qualities such as character, clarity, courage, and competency. This is the perfect guide for any new leader -- or for the mentor of a future leader! Clear, stylish typeset, with user-friendly links to referenced Scripture.
Why do our best efforts at change always seem to stall? What stops us from moving forward? Although we blame other things, our own illusions are usually the true culprit. When we harbor fatal illusions, we base our behavior on what we wish to be true about our organization or the marketplace, rather than on what really is true. We treat symptoms, while core problems fester unchecked. But there is hope. Fatal Illusions shows how to recognize and shred 12 major illusions with significant power to harm you and your organization. These illusions involve too-comfortable beliefs about mission statements, teamwork, incentives, quality, benchmarking, communication, and other big issues that soak up time and resources but fail to deliver lasting value. Throughout the book, self-tests help you pinpoint the illusions lurking in your organization. Then you'll learn proven, specific techniques for uprooting these fallacies, one by one. You'll also learn how to deal with illusions in your own professional (and even personal) relationships. Deeper and more far-reaching than virtually any other management book, Fatal Illusions is your guide to becoming "unstuck" in business and in life.

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