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"If you're an experienced Python programmer, High Performance Python will guide you through the various routes of code optimization. You'll learn how to use smarter algorithms and leverage peripheral technologies, such as numpy, cython, cpython, and various multi-threaded and multi-node strategies. There's a lack of good learning and reference material available if you want to learn Python for highly computational tasks. Because of it, fields from physics to biology and systems infrastructure to data science are hitting barriers. They need the fast prototyping nature of Python, but too few people know how to wield it"--Publisher's description.
2.2.1 Installation of Python -- 2.2.2 Alternative to Installation: SageMathCloud -- 2.3 Python Variables and Operators -- 2.3.1 Updating Variables -- 2.3.2 Containers -- 2.4 External Libraries -- 2.4.1 Finding Documentation -- Problems -- Additional Resources -- References -- Chapter 3 Programming Basics -- 3.1 Comparators and Conditionals -- 3.2 Iterators and Loops -- 3.2.1 Indentation Style -- 3.3 Functions -- 3.3.1 Pizza Example -- 3.3.2 Print Function -- 3.4 Debugging or Fixing Errors -- 3.5 Top 10+ Python Error Messages -- Problems -- Additional Resources -- References

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