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Why a book specifically on supporting the workers of the church? Special attention needs to be given because workers of the church are at increased risk of sadness, despair, stress, frustration, cynicism, anger, and disappointment. Written in a plain down-to-earth style this book will educate the professional church worker, thereby improving their relationship with the congregations they serve.
This book is a perfect resource for use in congregations to enhance the relationship between pastors and elders so that they can more effectively care for the church, setting out strategies for pastors and elders to work effectively together.
This book will help me to understand who Donald Trump is, what he really believes, where his vision for America will lead us, and where God is in all of this.
In early 1990, in response to apocalyptic prophecies given by her mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Erin Prophet entered a network of underground bunkers in Montana along with members of her mother's Church Universal and Triumphant, a controversial New Age sect. Emerging to find the world still intact, Erin was forced into a radical reassessment of her life and her beliefs. She had spent her adolescence watching her mother vilified as a dangerous cult leader even while attempting to meet her expectations by becoming a "prophet" herself. Prophet's Daughter describes Erin's search for her mother's origins and motivations. With the craft of a storyteller, she describes the combination of health crises and external pressure that drove her mother's ever-more dire prophecies. She reveals how the allure of infallibility led her mother to a conspicuous downfall, and how her mother's rapidly progressing Alzheimer's disease truncated any hope of resolution. A remarkable memoir with implications for the dialog about power, group behavior and the future of religion.
Man is not meant to live alone. God's reflections in Genesis 2 make that quite clear, and our own inner longings for community confirm the truth that we were created for authentic relationships. Those who walk in church-worker shoes know that their congregation is a little community, one not gathered together by their efforts but united as a gift from God. Unique personalities and vastly different communication styles define each flock. And everything in the world, our sinful human flesh, and Satan seek to destroy these diverse relationships in the Body of Christ. Building Up the Body of Christ: Supporting Community Life in the Church gives church leaders a guidebook for developing and nurturing church environments that are psychologically and spiritually healthy. Author Bruce Hartung combines research, real stories, and personal experience that will inspire you to reevaluate best practices for loving and serving your neighbors at church. Return to your baptismal identity, receive God's Word and the Lord's Supper often, and you're ready to begin the journey! Book jacket.

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