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The rich history of Jesus is made accessible and clear to believers and seekers alike through the fresh writing of an apologetics expert and more than two hundred color images.
The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation surveys every major issue relating to the theology and science of creation. This includes proofs that the universe was created and designed by God, a discussion of the compatibility of Genesis with major theories in modern science, a survey of evangelical opinion regarding the age of Earth and the nature of Noah’s flood, and an analysis of ancient non-biblical creation myths. Highly trained scientists and authors Mark Whorton and Hill Roberts are uniquely qualified to report these findings that are in line with their Christian faith. The book also includes fascinating and helpful photographs and charts.
Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei jahrhunderte. Herausgegeben von der Kirchenv?ter-Commission der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Clemens Alexandrinus. Vierter band
Book seven in a greatly successful, visually-driven yet content-rich reference series, the Holman QuickSource™ Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls gives the reader a strong overview and understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls and their importance for Christianity as outlined by esteemed professor and author Craig A. Evans. Topics covered will include the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, notes on the Dead Sea region, the contents and dates of the Scrolls, who wrote and gathered them, first and second generation scholars of the Scrolls, and more.
In today's pluralistic society, not every approach to sharing the gospel will work with all people. Being ready to give reasons for the hope we have in Christ means understanding the contextual framework of the people we are a ddressing. In the Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics, musician-turnedscholar Doug Powell defends the Christian faith in a new key by taking time honored approaches in apologetics and freshly presenting them for a new generation. Chapters include: 1. What Is Apologetics? 2. The Cosmological Argument for God's Existence 3. The Teleological Argument for God's Existence 4. The Axiological Argument for God's Existence 5. Which God Exists? 6. Where Did the New Testament Come From? 7. Is the New Testament Reliable? 8. Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus 9. Is the Old Testament Reliable? 10. The Fulfillment of Prophecy 11. What About Miracles? 12. Was Jesus Raised from Death? 13. Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Is He the Only Way? 14. How Can God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering? En la sociedad pluralista de hoy, no todos los enfoques para predicar el evangelio funcionan con todas las personas. Para estar preparados para dar razones de la esperanza que tenemos en Cristo, debemos comprender el marco contextual de las personas con las que hablamos. En la Guía Holman de Apologética Cristiana, el músico convertido en erudito, Doug Powell, defiende la fe cristiana con una nueva tonalidad, haciendo uso de enfoques de apologética muy respetados y presentándolos de una manera fresca para una nueva generación. Entre los capítulos, encontramos: Capítulo 1: ¿Qué es la apologética? Capítulo 2: ¿Existe Dios? El argumento cosmológico Capítulo 3: ¿Existe Dios? El argumento del diseño Capítulo 4: ¿Existe Dios? El argumento moral Capítulo 5: ¿Cuál Dios existe? Capítulo 6: ¿Cuál fue el origen del Nuevo Testamento? Capítulo 7: ¿El Nuevo Testamento es confiable? Capítulo 8: ¿El Antiguo Testamento es confiable? Capítulo 9: ¿Existen los milagros? Capítulo 10: ¿Qué lugar ocupa la profecía? Capítulo 11: ¿Fue real la resurrección? Capítulo 12: ¿Jesús dijo que era Dios? ¿Él es el único camino? Capítulo 13: ¿Por qué Dios permitió que existiera el mal? Capítulo 14: Metodología
After Easter provides a brief case for the historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and describes the impact of His rising from the dead. Each chapter ends with a few simple thought-provoking questions for individual reflection or small group discussion. The full Gospel of John is also included, making this the perfect leave-behind tool for personal evangelism. After Easter, everything changed.

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