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When you follow what is outlined in this book, you will find people answer your phone calls, they call your conference call on time, attend your webinars, and follow up on your emails. Why? Because in their eyes, you are a ‘someone.’ Think of it this way: right now, prior to setting yourself up as an expert or an authority, you are floating in the ocean as one of a million other drops of water, each one saying the same thing, with the same scripts, same autoresponders, same replicated websites, same marketing material, trying to sell your prospect to join with YOU. But if you Brand Yourself you’ll find rejection disappears and struggling ends. Your value to your prospects increases. There is no more hard selling, closing becomes easy. If you are ready to become irresistibly attractive you’re ready to Brand Yourself – order today and Get Started!
How to Become a Network Marketing ROCK STAR
As far as career opportunities go, network marketing is hard to beat. It costs almost nothing to start, allows for flexible hours, and paves the way for financial independence. Network marketing -- also known as direct selling and multi-level marketing -- has turned millions of people into successful business owners. But to truly reach their earning potential, network marketers need the right tools. Be a Network Marketing Superstar provides a proven 26-step program designed to help readers quickly become stars in this fast-growing and profitable industry. This powerful training manual shows readers how to: * master the six core skills of successful network marketing * sharpen their salesmanship * become more persuasive * build relationships * overcome roadblocks * radiate positive energy * find and attract quality people * be powerful coaches and mentors. With equal parts advice and inspiration, as well as helpful worksheets and exercises, this indispensable guide gives network marketers the know-how and confidence they need to join the ranks of the top moneymakers.
This original work is an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide about business, career, and life success. It's perfect for anyone who wants to boost revenue, start a business, close more deals, or move up the corporate ladder. Through fascinating examples and entertaining stories, readers will learn how to: Build a personal brand and promote it to their target audience, establish name recognition and become a “celebrity” in their sphere of interest, and get the most from networking.
Want a new job or career? Need to demonstrate more value to customers or employers? Use today’s hottest social media platforms to build the powerful personal brand that gets you what you want! In this completely updated book, Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy help you use social media to and networking to advance your career, grow your business, and land new job opportunities. From LinkedIn to Facebook, now including Instagram and SnapChat, this book is packed with new techniques and ideas that are practical, easy, and effective. Deckers and Lacy show you how to supercharge all your business and personal relationships…demonstrate that you are the best solution to employers’ or partners’ toughest problems…become a recognized thought leader…and turn your online network into outstanding jobs, great projects, and a fulfilling, profitable career! Discover how to: Choose today’s best social media tools for your personal goals Build an authentic storyline and online identity that gets you the right opportunities Make the most of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter–and leverage new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Build connections and prove expertise by sharing video on YouTube and Vimeo Find yourself on search engines and then optimize your personal online presence Promote your events, accomplishments, victories…and even defeats and lessons learned Integrate online and offline networking to get more from both Reach people with hiring authority and budgets on LinkedIn Use Twitter to share the ideas and passions that make you uniquely valuable Avoid “killer” social networking mistakes Leverage your online expert status to become a published author or public speaker Measure the success of your social media branding Get new projects or jobs through your online friends and followers
This book was written for you because you need to learn how to take advantage of 2014/15 - two years where there will be a MAJOR jump forward in the Wellness MLM industry. Miss these steps and you will regret it. Check out just some of the Table of Contents: Who and How to Recruit How to Brand yourself on the net Holistic Wellness: The new Holy Grail Recruiting ground - if you do it right How to turn this 'Holistic' trend into a downline exploding movement Wellness: The answer to the Health Crisis and an Engine for Income behind Network Marketing Sharing of Wellness: Why Network Marketing The REAL reasons why Wellness has Become More Profitable for the Networker How to create a Product Zealot How to use the Increase of Baby Boomers and Active Older Adults to light a fire in your recruiting Where to find Boomers Targeting the Fitness and Weight Loss Market 9 Reasons Why Obesity will fatten your bank account Why Leading with the Product is Insanely Bad advice The 2 Words That Will Make Wealth for the Network Marketer The 9 Key Wellness categories - Where is the money for Networkers And much more... The Big Money One of most important (and in turn, one of the most profitable) industries in the United States today is the wellness industry. The wellness industry touches almost everyone around the world, so it's no wonder that the industry continues to grow. This book will show you the wellness trends that you as a networker need to know, and how to take advantage of those. It will show you new and fertile recruiting grounds, as well as retail product sales markets. Included are Action Steps for 2014 listing what you need to do to develop your wellness networking business to take it to the top. That's why you need this book. Because what you'll learn will give you and your team more than a slight edge, you'll get a great leap forward. Because it will show you where and how to recruit in the Wellness industry. Once you understand your industry, by just using some of the facts in this book or the terminology, you'll be able to master the conversation, write effective presentations, deliver great testimonials and recruit 'up'. You'll be able to sign up wellness professionals and build a rock solid organization of real believers and not a bunch of mlm junkies. In short, you'll find long term income and success. Imagine recruiting from people who already are pre-sold on what you do. It's like fishing from a stocked pond. The information in this book will provide you with REAL reasons for being in the Wellness industry so you can dominate your prospecting and keep your team excited when they hit those emotional road blocks. Recruiting: it will show you where to find prospects who are ready to start and who are already excited by wellness products. It will show you how to approach them, what to say, and the biggie, what NOT to say! You will also learn how to 'Brand Yourself on the Net' This book will provide you with lots of great material for making YouTube videos, social media posts, Facebook messages, info graphics, all that will link back to you for self-branding and wellness. Lastly, the book will provide you with Action Steps of what to do to ride the wave of wellness. 1)Create your Internet content with information from this book to brand yourself 2)Use this information to educate & excite your prospects and new distributors 3)Find product zealots by sampling to targeted groups as shown here 4)Recruit Holistic practitioners - people already committed to Wellness This is an invitation to wealth. You can't help but get rich if you take action now and build in 2014. Read MLM and Network Marketing professionals guide to Recruiting Wellness and Holistic Practitioners for 2014 The Wellness Industry Handbook for Exploding your Downline TODAY!
The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers uses Hal Elrod's global phenomenon to show you habits you can adopt from the best performers in your field. By changing your strategies, mindsets, and rituals to match the top 1% of network marketers, you'll grow yourself and your business faster than you ever thought possible.
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