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Contains illustrated, step-by-step instructions for drawing a range of horses in different positions using a technique based on simple shapes.
Provides instructions and tips for how to draw horses in a variety of poses.
"Filled with detailed illustrations and simple descriptions, this drawing book presents easy techniques for learning to draw horses. Included are finished horses to trace or to use in creating other pieces of art as well as saddles, blankets, leg wraps, and bridles that can be traced onto completed sketches of horses. Filled with detailed line illustrations, anatomical explanations, and authorÆs notes, this guide offers the budding equine illustrator the footing needed to begin drawing horses."
Arabians, Pintos, Morgans and Clydesdales: jumping, bucking, rearing, grazing and kicking -- all are in this collection of 50 drawings.
Describes how to draw various horses, including the Przewalski horse, Appaloosa, and Arabian horse.
Presents information on tools and materials, drawing with different media, and instructions for ten projects, illustrated with color photographs.
Why You Can Draw With Grids, & Why this is Important It has been estimated that less than 5% of people can draw. To many people, the process of drawing seems mysterious and somehow beyond human understanding. This is a terrible and needless situation. This is like saying that before the Industrial Revolution, most people could not read or write, and so no one can ever learn to do so. Anyone who can hold a pencil and write legibly can learn to draw well, whether they are four years old or eighty years old. You just have to teach your brain how to move a pencil in the correct direction. This book will get you started. Don't think you can't do the exercises in this book because "you can't draw"! That's like not learning the alphabet because you can't read, or not learning to count because you can't do math! DRAWING COMES BEFORE ART Most people think that drawing is art, but drawing is not art, although drawing does come before art, just as counting comes before math, and the alphabet comes before reading. BENEFITS TO DRAWING INCLUDE: Increase the ability of your right brain, so you become whole- brained. Increase the ability to perceive and solve problems with new solutions. Have another means of communication through visual methods. Gain self-confidence because you know you can draw. Have a natural way to totally relax and feel blissfully happy. DRAWING GIVES YOU A FULL BRAIN Learning to draw is important for everyone to do, not just children, because drawing exercises the right brain. Unfortunately, nearly everything you learned at school exercised only the left brain, which means that most schooling is a half-brained affair. THE ONLY FOUR STEPS TO ART: 1) Line Drawing. This book will teach you that. 2) Shading. 3) Color. 4) Painting. MOST 'LEARN TO DRAW' BOOKS ARE USELESS I remember when I was a child and wanted to learn to draw, and got a bunch of those "Learn to draw..." books. They were all worse than useless. I threw them out. Nearly all of them make you see a horse as a bunch of circles and oval sausages and squares somehow tied together. Then you fill in the 'missing' areas. Then you have to erase the parts of the circle that were never there in the first place. Then somehow redraw the areas that were not really circles to begin with. That's ridiculous! What they are trying to do is get you to see things that just aren't there. There is no part of a horse that is a perfect circle. And if there was, what happens when the animal turns a bit? It was not until I found some learn-to-draw-with-grid books that I finally learned to draw. LEONARDO DA VINCI USED GRIDS The aim of this book is to teach you how to draw accurate, realistic line drawings. Most interestingly, if you have ever wondered how the early art masters created such realistic paintings, many of which look almost like photographs, one of their secrets was that many of them used grids. Leonardo da Vinci was just one of the many artists of his time who used this method for developing an accurate outline of live subjects. Now you can too! 70 drawings on quality white paper"

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