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If you’re overwhelmed by debt, the bankruptcy system can help. How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides the clear information and step-by-step instructions you’ll need to get through the entire process without an attorney. The book will help you determine whether you qualify for relief and whether filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you solve your debt issues. You’ll also learn how to: stop wage garnishments and lawsuits wipe out as much debt as possible deal with debts you’ve secured with collateral keep as much property as possible, and rebuild credit after bankruptcy The 20th edition is revised to include instructions that will help you complete the new user-friendly bankruptcy forms, changes to state exemption laws (which determine what property bankruptcy filers can keep), and important legal updates. Please note: This book does not cover business bankruptcies, farm reorganizations, or individual repayment plans (Chapter 13). For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, see Nolo's Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
Use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out your debts! Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners has the strategies and solutions you need to assess the financial condition of your business and determine whether you should declare bankruptcy to get rid of your debts. Learn about: what business debts and assets (if any) are affected by your bankruptcy bankruptcy options and the eligibility factors and downsides of each "look back" requirements -- periods of time during which personal or business actions have created obstacles to filing for bankruptcy the automatic stay and putting a stop to collections efforts valuation of business assets, including good will and intellectual property exemptions that protect a small business owner's property what happens to a house in bankruptcy Find out which forms you need to fill out, plus get all the instructions you need to file them in court. Keep as much of your property as possible and tackle debt so you can move on to your next venture with Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners.
This all-in-one book can help you find relief from overwhelming debt!If you have more debt than you can possibly pay off, the bankruptcy system is there to help -- and with How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you'll find the clear and user-friendly information, advice and forms you need to get through the entire process. First, the book will help you determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 --and whether it is the best way to deal with your debts. Then you'll find out how to: stop wage garnishments and attachments fill out and file all the forms cancel as much debt as possible deal with se.
Offering valuable advice on filing for bankruptcy, a guide to the entire process explains the different types of bankruptcy and outlines filing procedures
When you're in debt over your head, bankruptcy lets you make a fresh start without creditors tearing your life apart. In Bankruptcy 101, an experienced bankruptcy attorney takes you through the process of filing Chapter 7 without hiring an attorney. Filled with anecdotes, tips, and traps to avoid, this insider's guide includes four bonus appendices that are worth the purchase price. Bankruptcy is a tool. If creditors are making you miserable with garnishments, lawsuits, and other collections, you should know your rights and use them. That's what this book is all about.
Are you considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Use this plain-English guide to decide if a Chapter 13 case is right for you. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy explains how the process works, which debts will get discharged at the end of your bankruptcy case, how much you'll pay through your plan, and what you'll have to do to keep your home and car. Also, this book provides the knowledge you'll need to: determine how much you'll pay on each of your debts calculate your monthly plan payment find the right lawyer, and rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. The newest edition contains legal updates, state-specific bankruptcy charts, examples using the newly revised official bankruptcy forms, and more.
Are you behind on your mortgage, taxes, or other bills? Are creditors threatening foreclosure or repossession? Consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which lets you reorganize your debts into a repayment plan you can afford-and keep your house, car and other property.

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