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We live in the Golden Age of sports consumption. Millions of people are tuning in to the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and Olympics. Using the recently developed tools provided by digital and social media, fans converse and bond using the omnipresent coverage of teams and athletes like never before. Social media has become the primary interaction channel between fans and the sports industry, the de facto home of breaking news and highlights, rendering the traditional television highlight show irrelevant. We, as sports fans are more plugged in to the intricacies of sports than ever before. How is this affecting the fans, and even the players' perception of the game? Analyst and sports commentator Dan Voicescu examines the new reality of sports media in this informative, humorous guide to the complicated relationship between fans and the sports they consume. Voicescu also provides an overview on the different types of fans in your life and why their consumption patterns matter. In the book's final section, the author takes a glimpse into the future, examining the upcoming trends that will continue to change how fans interact with both the teams they support and with other fellow fans.
Dick? Höchstens ein bisschen. Faul? Sagen wir gemütlich. Flauschig? Und wie! Niedlich? Niedlicher geht nicht! Die derzeit beliebteste Katze der Welt hört auf den Namen Pusheen – sie kommt aber auch, wenn man »Kuchen« oder »Eiscreme« ruft –, und wer sie sieht, verfällt ihr und ihrem Witz sofort. Ob sie frisst, schläft, die Wohnung katzengemäß umdekoriert oder Karrieretipps für Katzen gibt, Pusheen ist einfach einzigartig. Wer Katzen mag, wird diese lieben!
Beim ersten „Udo-Steinberg-Symposium – Jahressymposium für Angewandte Forschung im Sport“, das am 18. November 2014 an der Hochschule Mittweida stattfand, setzten sich Wissenschaftler und Praxisvertreter aus verschiedensten Disziplinen wie der Sportpsychologie, den Medien- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften oder auch der Pädagogik mit dem Thema Sport an der Schnittstelle von Medien und Psychologie auseinander. Neben psychologischen Fragestellungen wie der Motivation als Erfolgsfaktor im Leistungssport oder der Motivationsförderung von Spitzenathleten, werden aus Sicht des Marketing und der Medienwissenschaften u.a. die Gefahren des Ambush Marketings bei Sportgroßveranstaltungen sowie der Einsatz von Social Media im Spitzensport beleuchtet.
In 1350, the Italian humanist and poet Francesco Petrarca decided to form a collection of all his correspondence. The letters deal with multifarious topics, switch between narration and instruction, the personal and the general, and are addressed to various of his learned friends and contemporaries. Theyconstitute a treasure trove for the history of ideas. This is the first complete German-language edition of the famous 24 books of the Epistolae familiares; they have been translated from the Latin by Prof. Berthe Widmer, an acknowledged authority on Petrarch. The translation is accompanied by a detailed commentary on the texts, giving factual information on aspects which are largely unknown today, for example on persons, authors and places mentioned. Access to the letters is further facilitated by an annotated index of the addressees and an overview of the contents of the letters. A detailed introduction locates the letters in the context of Petrarch's complete works and his age. The letters represent a most important document in the history of literature and are of inestimable value for all literary scholars and historiansas well as forhistorians of philosophy.
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