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We live in the Golden Age of sports consumption. Millions of people are tuning in to the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and Olympics. Using the recently developed tools provided by digital and social media, fans converse and bond using the omnipresent coverage of teams and athletes like never before. Social media has become the primary interaction channel between fans and the sports industry, the de facto home of breaking news and highlights, rendering the traditional television highlight show irrelevant. We, as sports fans are more plugged in to the intricacies of sports than ever before. How is this affecting the fans, and even the players' perception of the game? Analyst and sports commentator Dan Voicescu examines the new reality of sports media in this informative, humorous guide to the complicated relationship between fans and the sports they consume. Voicescu also provides an overview on the different types of fans in your life and why their consumption patterns matter. In the book's final section, the author takes a glimpse into the future, examining the upcoming trends that will continue to change how fans interact with both the teams they support and with other fellow fans.
Peer Pressure is a collection of essays previously published online between 2010 and 2011. In the author's words, each essay is an impassioned description or prescription to understand the digital space we inhabit differently. Most of these writings have been highly influential for the (relatively) small community the author addresses, eliciting many heated debates. The texts idealistically address creative platforms, image aggregators, relational practices, internet memes and much more. Brad Troemel makes and writes about art on the internet. His writing has been featured in magazines and books. His art has been featured in galleries and sometimes even museums. He has earned two degrees from prestigious American art schools. He currently lives in a city full of diverse cultures and complicated intellectuals. Friend request or e-mail him, he'd be happy to talk to you. http: //
Explores the social, cultural, and psychological premises and consequences of fan consumption. This book describes the nature and development of whole fan cultures, and focuses on the experience and identity of the individual fan.
Jane Lawless, a lesbian restaurant owner, and her sidekick Cordelia Thorn investigate the drowning death of Allison Lord, a member of the University of Minnesota sorority for which Jane serves as alumni advisor, in a new trade paperback edition of the first Jane Lawless mystery. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
Science and Soccer provides a comprehensive and accessible analysis of the physiology, biomechanics and psychology behind the world's most popular sport, and offers important guidance on how science translates into practice. Fully revised and updated to include new scientific research and data, it examines every key facet of the sport, including: players' anatomy, physiology, psychology and biomechanics coaching and training nutrition injury prevention and rehabilitation soccer surfaces and equipment match analysis growth and development in youth players talent identification. Science and Soccer represents a unique resource for students and academics in sports science and physical education. It should also be essential reading for all professional support staff working in the game, including coaches at all levels, physiotherapists, club doctors and sport psychologists.
Relationship marketing is an important issue in every business. Knowing the customers and establishing, maintaining and enhancing long-term customer relationships is a key component of long-term business success. Considering that sport is such big business today, it is surprising that this crucial approach to marketing has yet to be fully recognised either in literature or in the sports business itself. Relationship Marketing in Sports aims to fill this void by discussing and reformulating the principles of relationship marketing and by demonstrating how relationship marketing can be successfully applied in practice within a sports context. Written by a unique author team of academic and practitioner experience, the book provides the reader with: the first book to apply the principles of relationship marketing specifically to a sports context case studies from around the world to provide a uniquely global approach applicable worldwide strong pedagogical features including learning outcomes, overviews, discussion questions, glossary, guided reading and web links practical advice for professional, semi-professional and non-professional sporting organisations a companion website providing web links, case studies and PowerPoint slides for lecturers. Relationship Marketing in Sports is crucial reading for both students and professionals alike and marks a turning point in the marketing of sports.
Sport brands are a central element of modern sport business and a ubiquitous component of contemporary global culture. This groundbreaking book offers a complete analysis of the topic of sport brands from both a marketing management approach (strategy and implementation) and a psycho-sociological approach (consumption and wider society). In doing so it explores both supply and demand sides, offering a complete introduction to the nature, purpose and value of sport brands not found in any other sports marketing text. The book covers the whole heterogeneity of sport brands, going much further than the sport team and league brands covered in most other books. As well as teams and leagues, the book considers the brands of sports celebrities, events, media, computer games and governing bodies, as well as the ethical, professional and technological 'label brands' associated with sport. Richly illustrated with cases, examples and data, the book explores the tangible and intangible influence of sport brands, their economic and social value, and the subcultures and communities that grow up around them. It also introduces common strategies for growing brands, and growing through brands, and examines the challenges and threats that sport brands face, from boycotts and ambush marketing to counterfeiting. An understanding of sport brands is essential for a fully rounded understanding of contemporary sport marketing. As a result, this book is important reading for any student or practitioner working in sport marketing, sport business, or mainstream marketing management.

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