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Discover the true meaning of humility and how this simple Christian principle can change lives. Author Sheldon Newton believes you can only live a life in pursuit of God when you truly understand humility. With a simple yet descriptive tone, he reveals in 29 chapters the fundamental principle that will help unlock one's true purpose and potential. Newton breathes new life into the topic of humility and explains how many of us have succumbed to complacency, pride, and even a false sense of humility, all of which prevent us from living passionate lives for Christ. There is a place in everyone that God has created for Himself, and when you allow Him to fill that place, your purpose will finally be revealed. Show Less
You know it all too well: life is fraught with challenging moments. When the storms of life blow-as they most certainly will-are you going to stand strong, bend, or break? Popular author Erwin Raphael McManus suggests that you discover how to rise above the normal reaction and learn to stand against the wind. Through thought-provoking chapters, McManus takes readers on a journey of transformation through the landscape of their character-from where they start out "Running Free," through "Rising Out of the Ashes," developing "Divine Imagination," and finally, reaching the "Greatness of Servanthood." Readers, ages 18-35, will appreciate this international consultant's expertise on culture, change, leadership, and creativity.
In his book, The Church Made Flesh, Alan takes the spiritual pulse of the Pentecostal/Apostolic Church and lays bare its true condition. Tapping into a rich spiritual repertoire of experiences, both anecdotal and other erudite sources, this book is a tour de force that revisits bedrock issues such as the cost of discipleship, church-planting and church order, among others. Employing a fruitful dialectic of tension, these issues are explored in the intersection between the nascent Apostolic Church of the first century AD and its contemporary incarnation. The denouement is an incisive, accessible, candid and profound exposition that is a must in every discerning minister and layperson’s library. —Paul Thomas, PhD (Education, King’s College, London) Lecturer, University of Olso, Norway Institute for Pedagogy Comparative and International Education Give yourself this book and then help God solve the next vexing problem in the North American Apostolic church. Sorry – this book is not designed to grace the shelf of your library. You should really read it on your knees. Embark on your journey with tears in your eyes. —Bishop Paul Reynolds International Honorary General Presbyter United Pentecostal Church International The Church Made Flesh challenges today’s commonly adopted church system of attraction by comparing it the 1st century’s church model which exercised Apostolic authority by going out to the world. Without apology Alan combats the readers thinking on how well today’s church is executing the Great Commission and touching the lives of people of all nations. For those that are ready to effect change in this world the biblical way, this is a book that you must not only have but study and wrestle with. —Michael Whitton, Minister of Operations, Global Apostolic Ministries Toronto, Canada
God's Creative Gift is an in-depth study for the creative Christian. It is intended for both professional and lay artists, for the casual crafter and hobbyist, and for those in both sacred and secular settings. It is for those who see things where others do not and for those whose imaginations cannot be confined by religious dogma and tradition. It is for musicians, singers, painters, sculptors, dancers, dramatists, writers, poets, carvers, weavers, film editors, photographers, filmmakers, architects, designers--anyone who finds inspiration in creativity. Focusing on the creative spirit within, it is designed to help you draw your inspiration from a Deeper Source. It is deeply rooted in Scripture--for the creative Christian must enter into the Word of God on a regular basis in order to know the choreographer of her steps, the crafter of her designs, the author and perfecter of her faith, and the sculptor of her creative heart, soul, mind, and body. And to know Him intimately.
Do you know what God has purposed for your life? Does a dream burn within you, yet, you feel powerless to do anything to bring it to pass? Does it seem as if the cares or disappointments of life hindered, crushed or destroyed your passion to reach for your goals? Then you need to read, Refuse the Common Life. In this book you will find the encouragement to go in the direction of your God-ordained purpose and attain that for which you have been apprehended. This message will ignite or re-ignite the fire within to reach for the fulfillment of your dream. Dont you dare give up. Refuse to live the Common Life.

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