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Discover the true meaning of humility and how this simple Christian principle can change lives. Author Sheldon Newton believes you can only live a life in pursuit of God when you truly understand humility. With a simple yet descriptive tone, he reveals in 29 chapters the fundamental principle that will help unlock one's true purpose and potential. Newton breathes new life into the topic of humility and explains how many of us have succumbed to complacency, pride, and even a false sense of humility, all of which prevent us from living passionate lives for Christ. There is a place in everyone that God has created for Himself, and when you allow Him to fill that place, your purpose will finally be revealed. Show Less
You know it all too well: life is fraught with challenging moments. When the storms of life blow-as they most certainly will-are you going to stand strong, bend, or break? Popular author Erwin Raphael McManus suggests that you discover how to rise above the normal reaction and learn to stand against the wind. Through thought-provoking chapters, McManus takes readers on a journey of transformation through the landscape of their character-from where they start out "Running Free," through "Rising Out of the Ashes," developing "Divine Imagination," and finally, reaching the "Greatness of Servanthood." Readers, ages 18-35, will appreciate this international consultant's expertise on culture, change, leadership, and creativity.
God's Creative Gift is an in-depth study for the creative Christian. It is intended for both professional and lay artists, for the casual crafter and hobbyist, and for those in both sacred and secular settings. It is for those who see things where others do not and for those whose imaginations cannot be confined by religious dogma and tradition. It is for musicians, singers, painters, sculptors, dancers, dramatists, writers, poets, carvers, weavers, film editors, photographers, filmmakers, architects, designers--anyone who finds inspiration in creativity. Focusing on the creative spirit within, it is designed to help you draw your inspiration from a Deeper Source. It is deeply rooted in Scripture--for the creative Christian must enter into the Word of God on a regular basis in order to know the choreographer of her steps, the crafter of her designs, the author and perfecter of her faith, and the sculptor of her creative heart, soul, mind, and body. And to know Him intimately.
Adam of Dryburgh (d. 1212), a Scottish Canon of Prémontré, Monk of the Charterhouse of Witham, theologian, reformer, abbot, and hermit, is considered one of the earliest and most important witnesses to the nature of the canonical order in the twelfth century. Adam's theological works and sermons show a familiarity with the theological masters and schools of his day and indicate a profound familiarity with the Sacred Scripture, the liturgy of the Church, as well as, ancient classical and Christian literature. His theological writings are important for Marian theology because they present one of the earliest theological reflections on the status of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the reforming Canonical movement of the twelfth century. Adam's Marian theology maintains a formal Scriptural and Liturgical character; Mary is the daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and resting chamber of the Holy Spirit. She is the watered garden, the ark, the queen of heaven, and at the same time, Adam makes her approachable, humble, compassionate, familiar, close, a spiritual model for vowed religious; and, the Mother of the Canonical Order.
In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, readers will be led by the Lord through his words in praise, confession, petition, and intercession. Also included are pages on which to journal and to list the names of believers and unbelievers.
Our God is no distant God. In the earliest days of the church, when His manifest presence was unleashed through the power of the Cross, He revealed Himself to believers in an amazing new way. The promise of the prophets and Jesus—that God would live with us—was being fulfilled. And lives were being changed. In The One Year God with Us Devotional, Chris Tiegreen writes with clarion insight as he calls us to share in the excitement and passion of the early believers. Through yearlong reflections on Acts, Revelation, and the New Testament letters, we witness God making Himself known more fully than ever before. And, in these daily reflections, we will experience Him deeply and completely ourselves. (Deluxe LeatherLike edition; previously published in softcover as The One Year Wonder of the Cross Devotional.)

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