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Everyone’s favorite classroom pet is now starring in chapter books! Humphrey, the classroom hamster of Room 26, loves spending weekends with his classmates. This week, he is going home with Richie. Humphrey is going to help him with his science experiment (hamsters LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to be helpful). But Humphrey finds a surprise at Richie’s house. Poppy the puppy is bouncy and barky and is eager to play—a little too eager, Humphrey thinks. Humphrey needs to get out of his cage to help Richie, but can he do that and stay out of Poppy’s way at the same time? With adorable illustrations and an easy reading level, Humphrey’s Tiny Tales are just right for emergent readers.
Four Tiny Tales in one GREAT-GREAT-GREAT gift edition! Featuring My Treasure Hunt Trouble!, My Great Big Birthday Bash!, My Playful Puppy Problem! and My Really Wheely Racing Day!, younger Humphrey fans will love this bind-up edition of the bestselling books. With a fresh, clean new look for the Tiny Tales series, these stories are perfect for young readers age 6+.
A playful puppy ruins the science project Humphrey helped Richie make.
Der dritte Band der erfolgreichen Freddy-Abenteuer! Helle Aufregung bei den Feldhamstern! Ihre schöne Kolonie soll einer Autofabrik weichen. Da muss Freddy eingreifen - und natürlich helfen auch seine Freunde Enrico & Caruso und Sir William! "Wirklich gute Kinderkrimis gibt es leider viel zu selten." Frankfurter Rundschau "Wenn man einmal angefangen hat, kann man nicht mehr aufhören." Frankfurter Rundschau ”Geistreich und frech und so spannend zu lesen wie beste Hamsterlektüre.“ Frankfurter Rundschau
Dear friends, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE sharing my adventures as a classroom hamster with all my friends. But sometimes my paw gets tired from so much writing! To give it a rest, I've written some shorter tales that are every bit as funny and exciting as my According to Humphrey books. They're called Humphrey's Tiny Tales and they've even got illustrations! (I'm quite pleased at how cute I look in the pictures.) I'm unsqueakably excited to share my new stories with you and I think Humphrey fans and new younger readers will be excited, too! Your furry friend, Humphrey Humphrey gets the surprise of his classroom life when he gets a whizzy hamster racing car. It's bright red with a stripe down the side and he LOVES-LOVES-LOVES it! He practises as hard as he can, because there's going to be a pet race. If he tries really hard, will he win? Humphrey's in for another fur-raising adventure!
Bluebells Familie wird täglich verrückter: Die ständig über Wochen abwesenden Eltern; die große Schwester Flora mit dem Hang zum Drama und den ständig wechselnden Haarfarben; Jasmin und Twig mit ihren geliebten Ratten, die sich plötzlich drastisch vermehren (obwohl doch angeblich alle Weibchen waren); der Au-Pair-Student Zoran, der den ganzen Laden mit Würstchen und gesundem Menschenverstand zusammenhält. Dann zieht im Nachbarhaus auch noch Joss ein, und er ist doch netter, als Bluebell zuerst dachte ...
Humphrey is excited to celebrate the kids of Room 26 with the first birthday party of the year! Kirk invites the class to his super-fun backward birthday bash, where everything is backward, including clothes! The kids in Room 26 have a great time, but they are sad when they realize that Humphrey, Og, and Ms. Brisbane aren't on the birthday calendar. Everyone starts whispering and Humphrey can only make out a few words, but he thinks he knows what they're planning--a birthday celebration for Ms. Brisbane! But when Friday comes around, Humphrey learns he was all wrong--the surprise party is for Humphrey and Og instead! With sweet illustrations and an easy reading level, Humphrey's Tiny Tales are hamster-iffic for emerging readers.

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