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Examining the implications and practical implementation of multi-disciplinary International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) topics, this book gives an integrated view of how the guidelines inform drug development strategic planning and decision-making. • Addresses a consistent need for interpretation, training, and implementation examples of ICH guidelines via case studies • Offers a primary reference point for practitioners addressing the dual challenge of interpretation and practical implementation of ICH guidelines • Uses case studies to help readers understand and apply ICH guidelines • Provides valuable insights into guidelines development, with chapters by authors involved in generating or with experience implementing the guidelines • Includes coverage of stability testing, analytical method validation, impurities, biotechnology drugs and products, and good manufacturing practice (GMP)
Over-the-Counter products comprise a special category of healthcare products. While these formulations have much in common with their prescription counterparts, they are presented in this series separately because of their development approach taken, labeling considerations required, and support available from suppliers of ingredients in designing these products. Highlights from Over-the-Counter Products, Volume Five include: solids, liquids, and suspensions practical advice on how to bring manufacturing practices into compliance with regulatory requirements cGMP considerations in great detail a large number of formulations of coatings of solid dosage forms
A complete manual for S88 success. To meet competitive pressures, process industries are turning increasingly to open systems for automation and batch control. If you're now investigating or planning implementation of the industry standard S88.01, this expert-authored guide can start you on the right foot and shepherd you safely through every stage of the project. S88 Implementation Guide: gives everyone on your team the guidance and tools he or she needs to work together for the best possible project result at all stages of design, implementation, and validation; provides an orderly project flow for development, design, and implementation of a system that is maximally efficient, flexible, environmentally responsible, and easier to work with and use; saves your company money by eliminating false starts, missed cues and opportunities, and less-than-optimal results; unites software, engineering, and management team members in a common understanding of definitions, responsibilities, and objectives; pinpoints and helps you avoid common pitfalls, traps, and lost opportunities; yields a highly competitive system open to continuous improvement--and a proud, satisfied team. Redesigning and implementing an automated process control system is a complex job requiring the coordination of many talents and the evaluation of numerous priorities. But S88 Implementation Guide gives your team the framework that calls forth their best efforts, deals down issues in a timely and effective manner--and provides your firm with the best possible result.
This book provides useful information for bioanalytical / analytical scientists, analysts, quality assurance managers, and all personnel in bioanalytical laboratories through all aspects of bioanalytical technical and regulatory perspectives within bioanalytical operations and processes. Readers learn how to develop and implement strategies for routine, non-routine, and standard bioanalytical methods and on the entire equipment hardware and software qualification process. The book also gives guidelines on qualification of certified standards and in-house reference material as well as on people qualification. Finally, it guides readers through stressless internal and third party laboratory audits and inspections. It takes account to most national and international regulations and quality and accreditation standards, along with corresponding interpretation and inspection guides. The author elaborates on highly comprehensive content, making it easy not only to learn the subject but also to quickly implement the recommendations.
Based on the work of a collection of experts from the laboratory science and quality assurance fields, A Laboratory Quality Handbook of Best Practices and Relevant Regulations provides all of the information needed to run a successful laboratory that is in compliance with all regulations. from sample tracking to accurate documentation, training to methods validation, maintenance to calibration, and out-of-spec responses to preparation for audits, a combination of people, instrumentation and documentation must work in sync for high quality results. This handbook provides information that will help a laboratory achieve high quality results and compliance.

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