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Separated from his wife Irene for some years now, Soames Forsyte has resigned himself to the fact she's never coming back. But as he grows older and richer, he yearns for an heir. When he confronts Irene, the raw wounds of his past passion are exposed and he will do anything to claim back what is his. Then his cousin Jolyon Forsyte moves in to protect and champion Irene and the old rift in the family splinters into new jealousy, hatred and fear. But this time it runs too deeply for forgiveness...
The Forsyte Saga is a series of three novels and two interludes published between 1906 and 1921 by Nobel Prize-winning English author John Galsworthy. They chronicle the vicissitudes of the leading members of a large commercial upper middle-class English family, similar to Galsworthy's own. The Man of Property is the first novel of the The Forsyte Saga. Soames Forsyte, a solicitor and "man of property," is married to the beautiful, penniless Irene, who rebels against his values. In a short interlude Indian Summer of a Forsyte, Galsworthy delves into the newfound friendship between Irene and Old Jolyon Forsyte. In Chancery is the second novel of the Forsyte Saga trilogy, the subject is the marital discord of both Soames and his sister Winifred. The subject of the second interlude The Awakening is the naive and exuberant lifestyle of eight-year-old Jon Forsyte. To Let, the final novel of the Forsyte Saga, chronicles the continuing feuds of the two factions within the troubled Forsyte family. Contents: Book 1: The Man of Property Interlude: Indian Summer of a Forsyte Book 2: In Chancery Interlude: Awakening Book 3: To Let John Galsworthy (1867–1933) was an English novelist and playwright. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1932.
This monumental trilogy by the Nobel Prize–winning author chronicles the stormy lives of three generations of an upper-middle-class London family obsessed with money and respectability.
A celebrated work under the collective title of "The Forsyte Saga." It is a series of 3 novels and 2 interludes: "The Man of Property," "Indian Summer of a Forsyte," "In Chancery," "Awakening" and "To Let." With a subtle blend of humour and agony, Galsworthy deals with the lives of upper-middle class people and highlights their narrow-minded, snobbish and disgusting moral codes. Remarkable!

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