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I have written this book as a way to vent my frustrations and anger caused by the way our federal government looks upon and treats the average citizens of this country. We are nothing but pawns that are intended to serve the wealthy. They spy on us using cameras on just about every corner as well as inside buildings. They eves drop on our telephone conversations using hi-tech receivers. They monitor what we do and where we go on our computers. They even humiliate us in airports by forcing everyone to pass through detection devises as well as x-ray machines that penetrate to expose our most private parts. We are left with no dignity at all. They blacklist us from flying because someone somewhere has deemed us as a threat. They use the excuse that everything they do is for our protection and safety. In my opinion there are three things that would work a lot better and far less costly. The first thing would be to allow any anyone that wants carry a hand gun on board. Terrorist would be stupid to attempt high jacking a plane if there was a possibility of 200 or more armed people. The second thing would be for our government to stay the hell out of other countries business. And the third thing would be to warn all countries that if any attempt is made to harm American citizens it will be considered an act of aggression and will result in action of extreme prejudice against the country from which the attackers came. My book details the things, in my opinion, are the major issues and what I propose to resolve them!
This book is my literary life's work, twenty years in the making. This book points out how many of the world's quotes could be accredited to the Bible. The related quotes are listed side by side with the biblical references for comparison. It discusses my experiences as a prophetess of God. As well as, major moral issues based on actual events and my opinion of them in relationship to the Bible.
Life is a surreal trip to the valley of the unknown. At times it feels like we were born thrown into the main arena of the coliseum gladiator pit of life. The ups and downs of an ongoing battle where we must abide rules of survival can create discouragement, which can cause us to stray from an end result to a finishing point. We all started from somewhere-an unknown organism changing into human form-but we have questions: Where did we originate from? Why are we here on earth? Are we doing what we are supposed to be doing here? Is life here a punishment? And why is the time before birth blocked from our memory? This book is an exploration of the soul-a tour into the journey of our existence. This book is not about religion; it is a hypothetical version of my view on why we are living here on earth. My intention is for us to become more conscious of the one shot we have as we live our current lives. If all of our souls have stories to tell, what would yours say? In this book, I am sharing my soul story in a memoir. This is a voyage into the mind of another human being, and this visit to my inner world may appear at times dark. This is because I have overcome some of my demons, but I must confess I have yet still other demons to wrestle with mentally. I want to share with you my thoughts and see if they lend a hand in your plight here. We are all lost at some point in our lives and at times are led by a misguided life compass. My goal is to assist you in your bad day, bad week, or bad life, and to make you stop and think. I wrote this book exactly how it was conveyed to me by the voices that live in my head. God bless-whatever vision of God may be to you.
The book "That's My Opinion, Period!" was created in the beginning of 2011 when author Christopher Greco started writing about everyday values that he thought the American people were missing out on. "I wanted to voice my opinions about what I believe life's greatest values are. Before I knew it, I had the makings of a book so I continued and turned my opinions into a book." In the book, Christopher talks about some of today's most talked about topics in America. " I wanted to touch base with the people of America and share with the world a fresh perspective on topics such as politics, religion, addictions, and many more!" Christopher, a local New Yorker who graduated out of the public school system, traveled the country, and has meet some very interesting people along the way, was simply looking for one goal in life. To make a positive difference in the world! "I wanted to do something that made a positive difference in the lives of others! Before, I was doing things in life that only benefited myself. After some life changing experiences, I changed my outlook on life and as a result, have found a new calling. To make a positive difference in the lives of others!"

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