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In the Shadow of Sacrifice shows by example how to minimize the significance of life's challenges by presenting them as necessary ingredients in a strong and healthy development. The book reveals the impoverished youth of Howard Calhoun, the one quirky life-changing intervention that started his path to college, and many thoughtful, humorous, and truthful narratives that will convince the most skeptical to welcome the most difficult problems that life presents. The book challenges anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, helpless, and threatened by life to use that energy to recognize their own excellence.
The collapse of communism in eastern Europe has forced traditionally Eastern Orthodox countries to consider the relationship between Christianity and liberal democracy. Contributors examine the influence of Constantinianism in both the post-communist Orthodox world and in Western political theology. Constructive theological essays feature Catholic and Protestant theologians reflecting on the relationship between Christianity and democracy, as well as Orthodox theologians reflecting on their tradition's relationship to liberal democracy. The essays explore prospects of a distinctively Christian politics in a post-communist, post-Constantinian age.
On March 18, 1942, barely one hundred days after Japan’s devastating “surprise attack” on the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor, a group of American soldiers were guarding a beach on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu against an expected Japanese amphibious invasion. The atmosphere was tense. Suddenly, a gunshot shattered the almost perfect silence of that tropical night. In its aftermath, one young American soldier lay dead not far from the beach he was guarding. But who was he? And what were the circumstances which had led to his tragic death? The Shadow of Sacrifice answers these questions and, in the process, tells the compelling and poignant story of the way in which that single gunshot has echoed down through the generations of one typical American family. Here is a mystery, a tragedy, a kind of love-story, a tale of survival and transformation, and the unfolding record of promises made and kept. The young American soldier who died mysteriously on that Hawaiian beach in 1942 was my beloved uncle, Private First Class Donald Joseph John Deignan, for whom I was proudly named. Our lives have always been closely and positively connected. Here, just in time for the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack, is a thorough examination of the unbreakable and mutually beneficial bonds of love and loyalty which still unite us today. Veterans and their families, Baby-boomers, immigrants and people with disabilities will all find themselves reflected in our particular story.
"Shadows of My Memories is more than just a memoir, it is a labor of love borne of the strength and faith of an extraordinary woman who exemplifies the American dream." -Kelly Alpert Vest, Director of Community & International Relations, Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center, Commack, New York "America is a better place not only because families like hers have made their home here, but also because they have brought generous attitudes with them." -The Reverend Thomas Goodhue, Executive Director, Long Island Council of Churches, New York "Riffat Chaudhry shares with us a remarkable journey of struggle, triumph, and transformation. In her story, we can see the true power of faith at work in a Muslim woman's life." -Kamran Pasha, Author of Mother of the Believers and Shadow of the Swords "Every English-speaking person with origins in the Asian subcontinent should read this book to keep humanity alive. Chapter 3 is a must-read." -Arvind Vora, Chairman, Long Island Multi Faith Forum, New York
This book, Eyes of Sacrifice (The Massacre of Africa), draws a sharp contrast between the various and enormous subsoil riches of Africa and the acute poverty of its populations. It exposes the outside powers and their African stooges—the wizards from within—who are responsible for this state of things. This work will insist on a change of the mentalities and approach by a new generation of Africa’s elites—politicians, ethnic population leaders, opinion leaders—which will take Africa “into the valley of light.”

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