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In the Shadow of Sacrifice shows by example how to minimize the significance of life's challenges by presenting them as necessary ingredients in a strong and healthy development. The book reveals the impoverished youth of Howard Calhoun, the one quirky life-changing intervention that started his path to college, and many thoughtful, humorous, and truthful narratives that will convince the most skeptical to welcome the most difficult problems that life presents. The book challenges anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, helpless, and threatened by life to use that energy to recognize their own excellence.
A multifaceted and timely work of nonfiction military and social history, THE SHADOW OF SACRIFICE: The True Story of a Pearl Harbor Survivor and his Nephew and Namesake redeems an outstanding "Debt of Honor." Seventy-five years ago, "Remember Pearl Harbor!" was the poignant and powerful slogan which rallied a badly shaken nation and galvanized the American people to win World War II. On December 7, 1941 twenty-seven year old Private First Class Joseph J. Deignan of Worcester Massachusetts (pronounced DEGGNAN) was strafed by low-flying Japanese war planes while he was serving as an Army Field Artilleryman at Schofield Barracks on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Little more than two months later, Deignan was dead. His mother believed that her youngest son, baptized as Donald, succumbed to wounds received as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor and its military environs. After World War II Donald's oldest brother, Frank, a U.S. Army veteran of the Pacific Campaign, came home, married, and fathered a son. Frank named that boy "Donald" in memory of his lost, heroic youngest brother. Donald Joseph's "supreme sacrifice" has positively influenced the life and career of his nephew and namesake. In fact, the bequest of his uncle's name has proven to be both a talisman and a blessing to Don Deignan, the author of this book. Although the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is the pivotal event in THE SHADOW OF SACRIFICE, this work is not primarily about that occurrence. Rather, chance, choice and consequence are the themes which inextricably link two spiritually connected lives together over the span of much more than a century. From their impoverished family origins in pre-Famine Ireland down to the present day, Donald Joseph Deignan and his nephew, Don Deignan, have been bound together by ties of Faith, shared adversity, abiding love and mutual loyalty. Donald Joseph grew up in poverty and endured unemployment after which he met a sudden and violen
On March 18, 1942, barely one hundred days after Japan’s devastating “surprise attack” on the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor, a group of American soldiers were guarding a beach on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu against an expected Japanese amphibious invasion. The atmosphere was tense. Suddenly, a gunshot shattered the almost perfect silence of that tropical night. In its aftermath, one young American soldier lay dead not far from the beach he was guarding. But who was he? And what were the circumstances which had led to his tragic death? The Shadow of Sacrifice answers these questions and, in the process, tells the compelling and poignant story of the way in which that single gunshot has echoed down through the generations of one typical American family. Here is a mystery, a tragedy, a kind of love-story, a tale of survival and transformation, and the unfolding record of promises made and kept. The young American soldier who died mysteriously on that Hawaiian beach in 1942 was my beloved uncle, Private First Class Donald Joseph John Deignan, for whom I was proudly named. Our lives have always been closely and positively connected. Here, just in time for the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack, is a thorough examination of the unbreakable and mutually beneficial bonds of love and loyalty which still unite us today. Veterans and their families, Baby-boomers, immigrants and people with disabilities will all find themselves reflected in our particular story.
The idea of sacrifice is the unspoken issue of environmental politics. Politicians, the media, and many environmentalists assume that well-off populations won't make sacrifices now for future environmental benefits and won't change their patterns and perceptions of consumption to make ecological room for the world's three billion or so poor eager to improve their standard of living. The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice challenges these assumptions, arguing that they limit our policy options, weaken our ability to imagine bold action for change, and blind us to the ways sacrifice already figures in everyday life. The concept of sacrifice has been curiously unexamined in both activist and academic conversations about environmental politics, and this book is the first to confront it directly. The chapters bring a variety of disciplinary perspectives to the topic. Contributors offer alternatives to the conventional wisdom on sacrifice; identify connections between sacrifice and human fulfillment in everyday life, finding such concrete examples as parents' sacrifices in raising children, religious practice, artists' pursuit of their art, and soldiers and policemen who risk their lives to do their jobs; and examine particular policies and practices that shape our understanding of environmental problems, including the carbon tax, incentives for cyclists, and the perils of green consumption. The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice puts "sacrifice" firmly into the conversation about effective environmental politics and policies, insisting that activists and scholars do more than change the subject when the idea is introduced.Contributors: Peter Cannavò, Shane Gunster, Cheryl Hall, Karen Litfin, Michael Maniates, John M. Meyer, Simon Nicholson, Anna Peterson, Thomas Princen, Sudhir Chella Rajan, Paul Wapner, Justin Williams

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