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This study investigates the motives for the establishment of the Fairbridge child migration scheme, examines its history in Australia and Canada, and outlines the experiences of many of the former child migrants.
Based on the stories of thirteen children and adults, Churchill's Childrentells the often moving story of the evacuation of schoolchildren in Britain during the Second World War. John Welshman skilfully captures the experience of evacuation and along the way addresses some of the fundamental questions it raised, such as how it affected the relationships between children and their parents and how children felt on returning home. The book looks at the roleof the many adults involved too - the officials in charge of billeting, the teachers, and the civil servants - and goes on to address the significant impact that evacuation had on shaping attitudes in the post-war world, on everything from reconstruction and state intervention to poverty, social class, andthe welfare state.
Vyvyen Brendon's evocative, at times heart-tugging book, runs from the 18th century and the East India Company, through the Afghan wars, the Indian mutiny and the more settled era of the Queen Empress, and culminates in the conflict leading to Britain's hurried exit in 1947. Its subject is the young progeny of traders, soldiers, civil servants, missionaries, planters, engineers and what should be done with them. Until the coming of air travel these children often only saw their parents every few years. Then there were the children born of Anglo-Indian marriages and affairs. Sent back to Britain they were often reviled as 'darkies', 'a touch of the tar-brush'. And then there were the children educated in India. Brendon reveals appalling stories of abuse at the hands of servants. What frequently unites Brendon's wildly different subjects is their loneliness--drawing on letters, diaries, memoirs and interviews, she portrays children who had to discipline themselves to adapt (often ingeniously) to unfamiliar cultures, far away from family and forced to spend termtime in boarding schools and holidays with unfamiliar families.
An encyclopedia of the many ethnic groups who make up the Australian people.
Offers insight into the experiences of young Jewish refugees who fled to Australia for safety from Nazi oppression during World War II, drawing on years of research to relate the stories of children sent away by their parents, teenage Holocaust survivors, and friendly "enemy aliens." By the author of Orphans of the Empire. Original.
For Western Australians, World War II began as a 'phony war, ' remote from their shores, but by 1942 the homefront faced the real threat of invasion, with the Japanese at the doorstep. This book looked beyond military battles and world politics to examine how ordinary people responded to war and its aftermath.

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