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International Marketing, 2e, is thoroughly revised and updated to include current international issues and concerns, as well as in-depth cases studies and marketing illustrations, which cover the nuances of conducting business and marketing products overseas. Instructors and students alike will find the amount of materials covered a perfect fit with most marketing curriculums, as International Marketing, 2e, combines refreshers on basic marketing with the more advanced theories and techniques of marketing in a global arena.
A marketing first approach to exploring the inter-relatedness of the key components that impact any international marketing venture – markets, the 4Ps, culture, language, political, legal and economic systems, and infrastructure - to support an understanding of the synergies between international marketing and international business. The book covers the incorporation of sustainability and bottom-of-the-pyramid markets within each chapter, along with ‘International Incident’ boxes encouraging the reader to engage with the ethical and cultural dimensions of international marketing and decision-making. It is also supported by vivid, real-world case studies from a varied cross section of international companies such as, Best Buy, Facebook, DHL, Kikkoman, Tesco, McDonalds, Nintendo, KitKat in Japan, Mobile Communications in Africa, India’s ArcelorMitall Steel, Wind Turbines in Finland, Uniqlo, and Banana Republic. New to this edition: A more global focus through examples, case studies and the experience brought by new co-author Barbara Czarnecka Chapter on “Culture and Cross-Cultural Marketing”, featuring political unrest, the Syrian refugee crisis, the recent return to nationalism (e.g. Brexit and the Trump presidency) and further coverage of developing countries. Chapter feature, “Practitioner Insight”, which provides applied insights from industry insiders. Coverage of digital advances and social media. Updated theory and methods, including S-DL, CCT, and Netnography. Additional videos supplementing the comprehensive online resource package for students and lecturers. A wealth of online resources complement this book. These include a test bank of 50-65 questions per chapter, PowerPoint slides, sample syllabi, interactive maps, country fact sheets, flashcards, SAGE journal articles, and guidelines for developing a marketing plan. Suitable reading for students of international or global marketing modules on Marketing, International Business and Management degrees.
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING is an innovative, up-to-date text ideal for anyone seeking success in this fast-paced field. You will discover topics ranging from beginning start-up operations to confronting giant global marketers. This in-depth text will prepare you to conquer the international business world! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
This book is a basic text for international marketing courses. It introduces the different elements of the international marketing mix and sets these in context. It discusses the firm's strategic position: how it is orientated at present to take advantage of international marketing opportunities and how its strategy is developing. It: Stresses the wide differences between different overseas markets and the importance of handling sensitively particular local features. Examines the need to structure the whole business organisation in the right way and make international marketing effective Discusses the importance of communication and control Throughout case studies are used to highlight particular issues.
Re-issuing this successful book in its seventh edition the author starts with an overview of basic marketing concepts and their applicability on an international basis. It then covers each ingredient of the marketing mix and explores them in relation to multinational markets. Each ingredient is studied in the light of the fundamental question: ‘How far can it be standardised internationally or in a research-based cluster of countries?’ Research, planning and organisation problems receive particular attention. A whole chapter is devoted to ‘Creativity and Innovation’ on a global scale.
This cultural approach to international marketing is aimed at students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business studies; MBA students studying an international marketing option; and management trainees and practising managers who wish to develop their intercultural skills. techniques in a global framework and offers guidelines for standardizing product and product policy - all within the framework of developing cultural awareness. Presented in four parts, the book discusses: the cultural dimensions of international marketing and defines the cultural variable to delineate the components of culture and to emphasize its dynamic nature; the globalization of markets and its general impact on international marketing strategies, with emphasis on issues relevant to product policies (brand names for international markets, adaption/standardization methods); marketing decisions such as pricing, distribution and communication; international marketing negotiation with discussion on the effects of bribing and business ethics in international marketing. The geographical focus of the book is Europe, but examples also relate to Japan, the US, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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