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This book provides a simple but effective introduction to economics. Fully updated and revised, this fourth edition incorporates the recent changes that have taken place in the environment in which agriculture operates. Covering the impacts of the EU expansion to 28 Member States, major changes to financial support of agriculture, financial crises, economic recession and, in many countries, high levels of unemployment, it provides a rounded and up to date introduction to the subject. The inclusion of chapter-focused exercises, essay questions and further reading suggestions make this textbook an invaluable learning tool for students of agriculture, economics and related sectors.
The first of an eight-volume series, The Literature of the Agricultural Sciences, this book analyzes the trends in the published literature of agricultural economics and rural sociology during the past fifty years. It uses citation analysis and other bibliometric techniques to identify the primary journals, report series, and monographs of current importance to the developed industrial countries as well as those in the Third World.
Describes the structure and organization of what has become the Agricultural Industry. Then, it describes all the basic micro and macroeconomic principles that apply to this very important sector of the world economy. Though it focuses on U.S. agribusiness, including the financial structures that support it, it also includes the impact of the recent and ongoing structural changes in the command economies of the U.S.S.R. and China.
Providing integrated coverage of microeconomics, sector performance, macroeconomics, and international trade, "Introduction to Agricultural Economics," third edition is still the best book on the market today. Written by experts, this text build's the reader's understanding of decisions made by consumers and producers of food and fiber products. "Features of the new edition include: " Covers the FAIR Act now governing farm commodity policy. Discusses the changing nature of legislation governing international trade and issues related to agriculture as we approach the next round of WTO legislation. Comprehensive coverage of consumer demand, including an entire chapter on key elasticity concepts. Develops the market supply curve through coverage of the theory of the firm and its reactions to input prices and product prices.

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