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This book provides a highly accessible introduction to anatomy and physiology. Written for students studying the subject for the first time, it covers the human body from the atomic and cellular levels through to all the major systems and includes chapters on blood, immunity and homeostasis. Logically presented, the chapters build on each other and are designed to develop the reader’s knowledge and understanding of the human body. By the end of each chapter, the reader will understand and be able to explain how the structures and systems described are organised and contribute to the maintenance of health. Describing how illness and disease undermine the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis, this text helps readers to predict and account for the consequences when this occurs. Complete with self-test questions, full colour illustrations and a comprehensive glossary, this book is an essential read for all nursing and healthcare students in both further and higher education.
Over 300 superb full colour illustrations.
When caring for the well or ill child, recognising andresponding to their anatomical and physiological differences isessential. Fundamentals of Children’s Anatomy andPhysiology provides child nursing students and registerednurses with a succinct but complete overview of the structure andfunction of the child’s body, plus clinical applicationsthroughout to demonstrate how the concepts relate to real-lifenursing. Each chapter lists learning outcomes and includes clinical considerations, body maps, a range ofhigh-quality illustrations and test-your-knowledge questions. The book is also accompanied by a companion website with furtherself-assessment and quizzes.
This book is the perfect quick reference or study guide for students covering disease and therapeutics as part of a nursing or other healthcare course.
A useful textbook for nurses, nursing students and students of allied paramedical courses. The book contains nineteen chapters. First three chapters deal with various chemical constituents of the body and their importance along with homeostasis, i.e., functioning together of different systems co-ordinated manner so as to maintain constant environment for the cells of the body. Rest of the chapters describe different systems. Anatomy and Physiology of a system is described in each chapter in simple and easy to understand language, with several simple diagrams. At the end of each chapter, common diseases and genetic disorders of each system are described briefly. Wherever possible, information is given in the form of Tables, Charts and Flow charts for easy understanding.
Designed specifically for students of nursing and allied healthcare, this second edition provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to anatomy and physiology.
Introduction to Health Care & Careers provides students beginning their health care education with the fundamentals they need to develop their personal and professional skills, understand their chosen profession, and succeed in the world of health care. It meets the growing market demand for a book that gives the best of both worlds—skill development and career choice information. The text begins with today's health care system, health care economics, and law and ethics, providing important context for the personal, professional, and workplace skills that follow. From there, students move on to an overview of careers in health care and detailed profiles of the most in-demand professions. The book closes with brief chapters on anatomy and physiology to prepare students for the rest of their health care education. With its student friendly approach,Introduction to Health Care & Careers is the essential resource for introductory health care courses, striking the perfect balance between skill development and up-to-date career choice information–everything health care students need to succeed.

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