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Make Delightful Animations with Swift! There's no denying it: creating animations is one of the most enjoyable parts of iOS development. Animations are fun to create, they breathe life into your user interface, and they make your app a delight to use. In this book, you'll learn about iOS animation in Swift from beginning to advanced through a series of hands-on tutorials and challenges, that make your app look and feel great. Who This Book Is For This book is for intermediate to advanced developers, who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development and want to dive deep into animations. Topics Covered in iOS Animations by Tutorials: View Animations: Start with the basics by learning how to animate views: size, position, color, and more. Springs: Make your animations bounce with realistic spring behavior. Transitions: Add subtle transitoins when you add or remove subviews. Keyframe Animations: Learn how to make complex animations with precise multi-stage timing. Animation and Auto Layout: Learn how to animate with Auto Layout by animating constraints. Layer Animations: Dive deeper and use layer animation for more advanced techniques. Shapes and Masks: Learn how to use shapes and layer masks for cool effects. Gradient Animations: Make moving gradients like the "slide to unlock" screen. Stroke and Path Animations: Animate lines moving over time along a path. 3D Animations: Rotate, translate, and scale your layers over time in three dimensions. And much more, including: Particle emitters, frame animations, third party animation libraries, and more!
Become a professional iOS developer with the most in-depth and advanced guide to Swift, Xcode 10, ARKit, and Core ML Key Features Explore the extensive world of iOS development through practical examples Gain detailed insights into core iOS programming concepts such as app extensions and performance Extend your iOS apps by adding augmented reality and machine learning capabilities Book Description The iOS development environment has significantly matured, and with Apple users spending more money in the App Store, there are plenty of development opportunities for professional iOS developers. However, the journey to mastering iOS development and the new features of iOS 12 is not straightforward. This book will help you make that transition smoothly and easily. With the help of Swift 4.2, you’ll not only learn how to program for iOS 12, but also how to write efficient, readable, and maintainable Swift code that maintains industry best practices. Mastering iOS 12 Programming will help you build real-world applications and reflect the real-world development flow. You will also find a mix of thorough background information and practical examples, teaching you how to start implementing your newly gained knowledge. By the end of this book, you will have got to grips with building iOS applications that harness advanced techniques and make best use of the latest and greatest features available in iOS 12. What you will learn Build a professional iOS application using Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2 Use AutoLayout to create complex layouts that look great on every device Delve into advanced animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator and UIKit Dynamics Enhance your app by using instruments and building your own profiling tools Integrate iMessage, Siri, and more in your app through app extensions Train and use machine learning models with Core ML 2 and Create ML Create engaging augmented reality experiences with ARKit 2 Who this book is for If you’re a developer with some experience in iOS programming and want to enhance your skills by unlocking the full potential of the latest iOS version with Swift to build great applications, this book is for you.
Begin your iOS 12 app development journey with this practical guide Key Features Kick-start your iOS programming career and have fun building iOS apps of your choice Get to grips with Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2, the building blocks of iOS development Discover the latest features of iOS 12 - SiriKit, notifications, and much more Book Description Want to build iOS 12 applications from scratch with the latest Swift 4.2 language and Xcode 10 by your side? Forget sifting through tutorials and blog posts; this book is a direct route to iOS development, taking you through the basics and showing you how to put principles into practice. Take advantage of this developer-friendly guide and start building applications that may just take the App Store by storm! If you’re already an experienced programmer, you can jump right in and learn the latest iOS 12 features. For beginners, this book starts by introducing you to iOS development as you learn Xcode and Swift. You'll also study advanced iOS design topics, such as gestures and animations, to give your app the edge. You’ll explore the latest Swift 4.2 and iOS 12 developments by incorporating new features, such as the latest in notifications, custom-UI notifications, maps, and the recent additions in Sirikit. The book will guide you in using TestFlight to quickly get to grips with everything you need to get your project on the App Store. By the end of this book, you'll be ready to start building your own cool iOS applications confidently. What you will learn Explore the distinctive design principles that define the iOS user experience Navigate panels within an Xcode project Use the latest Xcode asset catalogue of Xcode 10 Create a playgrounds project within your projects and understand how Ranges and Control flow work Study operations with integers and work your way through if statements Build a responsive UI and add privacy to your custom-rich notifications Set up Sirikit to add voice for Siri shortcuts Collect valuable feedback with TestFlight before releasing your apps on the App Store Who this book is for This book is for you if you are completely new to Swift, iOS, or programming and want to make iOS applications. However, you’ll also find this book useful if you’re an experienced programmer looking to explore the latest iOS 12 features.

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