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Puns often mistakenly get a bad rep, but if they're good enough for Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare (whose work featured over 3000 puns), it's good enough for us. Hot off the back of her incredibly popular Monday Punday online series, Gemma Correll has surveyed her army of punning fans to create this hilarious collection of her best illustrated puns, as well as lots of new ones. Over the following pages you will see grin-inducing puns such as Wonton Cruelty featuring sadistic dim sim, or rotten eggs hurling abuse at each other. The sweet tooth has brought you some flowers and the seal of approval is very pleased to meet you. Wth over 50 puns, this book will bring a smile to even the most miserable person's face.
A former speechwriter for Bill Clinton provides a light-hearted exploration of puns, including the brain science and history behind them, as well as how they play out in pop culture. Reprint.
Artist Frida Clements playfully combines colorfully detailed flora and fauna drawings with funny hand-lettered wordplay in this collection of beautifully illustrated puns. Honey, bee yourself! Gopher it. Don't be koi. Like puns? That's coo, says the pigeon. Hate puns? Birch, please. Bringing a giggle (and sometimes a groan) with each inspired page, this clever ebook makes a lovely and lighthearted gift for fans of witty humor and illustration. Having a bad hare day? Feeling a little antsy? What the hail, just dill with it, and for fox sake, have a little pun.
An introduction to wordplay, including puns, spoonerisms, riddles, and more.
The Ultimate Collection of Punny Wordplay Make every day funny punny with this massive book of over 1,400 puns. Perfect for word nerds, class clowns, and dads everywhere, never miss an opportunity to deliver a groan-inducing, yet hilarious one-liner. • The pliers said to the wrench, “Get a grip. You're losing it!" • The marionette’s cardiologist warned him to change his lifestyle because he was too high-strung. • When the President’s family picnic was hit by a cold hard rain, the band struck up “Hail to The Chief". • Q: How do vampires like their stakes? A: Rare. • Do dealers in Las Vegas casinos walk with a shuffle? • The young ear of corn was considered a rising star in the Marine Corps; he quickly rose to the rank of kernel.
Q. Why did Frosty decide to live in the middle of the ocean?A. Because snowman is an island.Q. What do you call a bunch of parents standing in line to buy their daughters a popular doll?A. A Barbie queue.Q. An opinion survey in Alaska is called what?A. A north poll.Q. When you cross a sheep with a cicada, what do you get?A. Baa, humbug!
From the author of "Complete Pun Book" comes an all new collection. Here, readers will find a hilarious abundance of pun-ishment for the millions who can't resist giving a word or phrase a twist--and ammunition for many occasions from movie, TV and theater wags; from the wits of Wall Street and Washington; the gems from poets and pundits and some of the bottom-of-the-barrel crumbs! Introduction by Bob Hope. **Lightning Print On Demand Title

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