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It's About You! Know Your Self is the first of a trilogy that integrates some of the most profound teachings from science, metaphysics, psychology, philosophy and spirituality into a set of experiential workbooks. The primary aim of the trilogy is to awaken the reader to their own personal intent and in so doing clarify the purpose of their life. Such knowledge equips us with the means to better manage those key areas within our lives health, relationships, occupation and abundance and begin living a more joyful existence.
The Purrfect Trilogy was written for the millions of ordinary, everyday people who will move our civilization into a new era and feel overwhelmed by this task. These books are written to the science of vibration. Different levels of understanding are woven through the text, so one will be right for you. Each time you read them, your comprehension changes, as you can see more than you could before. As your comprehension changes, so your vibration changes, and manifests according to your new tone. As we understand within ourselves, so we manifest without—to explore our level of understanding, individually and collectively. Through this journey of the rational mind and the emotional heart, you’ll explore different levels of understanding, eventually coming to see a bigger picture of yourself as you understand more about the human condition and our interconnectedness. Micro to macro. The only way to greater understanding of humanity and how we create is through greater understanding of self—and the magic within oneself. The magic we use every day, but often misuse, when we don’t realize we’re energy beings who use our mind to do magic—every day! The Three-Step Lesson of This Trilogy: Book 1: See with two eyes Book 2: Open your heart to others and your experiences Book 3: Live in your brother-/sisterhood—your wholeness
This is a book about divine Love. This Love is what life is all about. God gave you His life; He is your life source; God is Love. He wants to make a place of abode with you. We know this is true, because Jesus told us. The first two parts of this book are parables about divine Love; the third part is a study of Jesus' words on how we can live our lives with greater abundance by living with this Love. If you are searching for happiness, look within yourself; that is where God is. The words of Jesus are astounding. If you think you have read them, read them again. They are breath-takingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Learning to live with the Holy Spirit is the key to life. It is the key to true happiness and fulfillment; it is the key to an abundant life. Last, but certainly not least, it is the key to everlasting life. If you are searching for the truth and the life, I hope this book will help you find your way to the Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
They call it Asgard, the Home of the Gods. Beneath its artificial shell are at least three vast cave-systems, each one the size of an Earth-like world; and beneath those, possibly many more. No one knows how many layers there might be, and no one knows what secrets might be buried down at the "center"--if there is a center. At some time in the distant past, Asgard had suffered a terrible catastrophe. Now its outer layers are cold, its builders presumed dead. Explorers and exploiters from a hundred different worlds and races are scavenging among the ruins--but deep down, there might still be light, warmth, life...and perils unknown. Mike Rousseau was one of the first humans to come to Asgard, decades earlier. Now he's challenged by both friends and foes--and it's hard to tell them apart on this icebound planet. He might also be the one man who can solve the biggest puzzle in the galaxy...if only he can stay alive! The first novel in a thrilling trilogy of science fiction adventure and discovery.
A FACE IN THE MIRROR Hope Carson may not look like a survivor, but she has escaped an abusive ex-husband and recovered from a vicious assault. Now she endures the painful memories and suspicious rumors surrounding her involvement in the attack. Her ex is a cop, so the last people she trusts are law enforcement officials—and she certainly doesn’t trust how the local DA makes her feel inside. Remy Jennings should know better. He has no business falling for a woman who he suspects may have a deeply troubled mind. And even if he did make a move, she’d bolt like a frightened rabbit. But how can he deny a burning desire that threatens to consume him? As Hope’s past catches up with her in the worst way, Remy is determined to break through her defenses, earn her trust, and keep her safe in his arms—before it’s too late. From the Paperback edition.
Willa Cather was the 1922 winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Her breakthrough in literature were the three novels featured here in this edition, the so-called “Great Plains Trilogy”. All three novels stage in Nebraska and the surrounding Great Plains territory and deal with the life there, family challenges and romance. Included are: O Pioneers! The Song of the Lark My Antonia
From emotional vampires to insane killers and religious ecstasy to suicide, Dave Franklin cordially invites you on a journey into the darkest corners of the human heart. This anthology gathers together horror and dark fantasy stories from the Straitjacket Blues series, including the full-length novel, The Goodreads Killer. It contains strong adult content and is not for the easily offended. Length: 174,000 words.

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