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Alfie thinks he knows his destiny. As Prince Alfred, heir to the throne of Great Britain, he's fated to become the most disappointing king in the nation's history. Alfie longs for a way to prove himself, but little does he realize that with the throne of England comes an ancient secret. He who wears the crown must protect the country as the legendary hero -- the Defender of the Realm. Hayley is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. She certainly never believed in the mysterious superhero, the Defender. Then, after witnessing a very public battle at the Tower of London, everything is different, and Hayley is left with no doubt. The Defender is real. Two kids with two very different lives are about to get caught up in a centuries-long battle for the fate of a nation. Monsters and criminals, villains and dragons, together Hayley and Alfie must protect their home at all costs.
Introduces daily life in ancient Egypt, inviting readers to lift the flaps and view the scenes and activities at a market, temple, pyramid construction site, and royal burial. On board pages.
A board book about cars and how they work with multiple flaps on each page.
Leora is reeling: questioning everything she has ever known about her family and herself. As half-Marked and half-Blank, will she ever wholly belong in either community? She sets off to find Featherstone, home of her mysterious Blank birth mother, but will she find solace and safety or a viper's nest of suspicion?
A fun flap book that shows young children what goes on at major sporting events and introduces them to a range of different sports Look Inside Sports features scenes that include an Olympic style swimming pool, an athletics stadium, a ski slope, and a cycling velodrome. With over 100 flaps to lift, there's lots to discover on each brightly coloured page and plenty to keep curious minds occupied.
Describes the history of pirates, discussing why they plundered and what life was like for a pirate in the seventeenth century.

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