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This title was first published in 2003. Seeking to demonstrate a high level of insight, this is an analysis of the characteristics and advantages of Japanese human resource management. It describes the situation and the main trends in the transformation of the Japanese human resource management and employment practices, and investigates the possible options for the future. The work should be useful to academics and policy makers dealing with Japan and courses on human resource management and economics.
For every fan of manga, anime, J-pop, or Zen, A Geek in Japan is a hip, smart and concise guide to the land that is their source. Comprehensive and well informed, it covers a wide array of topics in short articles accompanied by sidebars and numerous photographs, providing a lively digest of the society and culture of Japan. Designed to appeal to the generations of Westerners who grew up on Pokemon, manga and video games, A Geek in Japan reinvents the culture guide for readers in the Internet age. Spotlighting the originality and creativity of the Japanese, debunking myths about them, and answering nagging questions like why they're so fond of robots, author Hector Garcia has created the perfect book for the growing ranks of Japanophiles in this inspired, insightful and highly informative guide.
Despite the bursting of Japan's so-called 'bubble economy' at the beginning of the 1990s and subsequent international concern regarding the nature and rectitude of Japan's banking and insurance structures and practices, the decade that followed proved hardly reassuring, highlighted as it was by a number of major cases of corporate and bureaucratic corruption. Inevitably, and increasingly, observers continue to ask 'is Japan changing?', or more, forcefully, 'is Japan capable of change?'. Notions of 'reform' and 'restructuring' are today part of the Japanese lexicon, but appear to hold little substance. Japan: Restless Competitor speaks to Europeans, Americans and others who must deal with the consequences of the Japanese equation, and to everyone who wonders what motivates Japan's politico-economic system, and whether it is changing.
Original photographs and insightful commentary introduce Japan's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. These classic images only hint at the story of the seasons in Japan. Nature is not just admired; it is incorporated into every aspect of life, from festivals and the fine arts to the design of homes and the arrangement of seasonal delicacies at the table. The splendors of the landscape have shaped the ancient culture and ongoing traditions of modern Japan. Here, gathered in one opulent volume, are more than two hundred and fifty full-color photographs carefully culled
Evolving for centuries in relative isolation, sport in Japan developed a unique character reflective of Japanese culture and society. In recent decades, Japan's drive towards cultural and economic modernization has consciously incorporated a modernization of its sports cultures. Japan, Sport and Society provides insights into this process, revealing the tensions between continuity and change, tradition and modernity, the local and the global in a culture facing the new economic and political realities of our modern world. The book explores three broad areas of interest: sport and modern society in Japan current issues in social reconstruction and reproduction in sport modernization, globalization and sport in Japan. Providing unprecedented access to new work from Japanese scholars, and raising key questions of globalization and cultural identity, this text represents a fascinating resource for students and researchers of sport and society.
An updated and expanded edition of David Lu's acclaimed Sources of Japanese History, this compilation of primary documents presents in a clear and accessible format, with full annotation and incisive commentary by Dr. Lu, readings translated from the original Japanese that cover the full spectrum of political, economic, and diplomatic as well as cultural and intellectual history in a time span that ranges from Japan's mythological beginnings to the present. The past indeed is prologue: these documents - written by Japanese contemporaneous with the events described - provide insight not only into the past but also into Japan's contemporary civilization.

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