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As a working tool for professionals, this easy-to-understand resource provides clear, detailed guidance on smart, credit and debit cards, JavCard and OpenCard Framework.
As magnetic stripe cards are being replaced by chip cards that offer consumers and businesses greater protection against fraud, a new standard for this technology is being introduced by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV). This cutting-edge, new book provides you with a comprehensive overview of the EMV chip solution and explains how this technology provides a chip migration path, where interoperability plays a central role in the business model.
Smart cards or IC cards offer a huge potential for information processing purposes. The portability and processing power of IC cards allow for highly secure conditional access and reliable distributed information processing. IC cards that can perform highly sophisticated cryptographic computations are already available. Their application in the financial services and telecom industries are well known. But the potential of IC cards go well beyond that. Their applicability in mainstream Information Technology and the Networked Economy is limited mainly by our imagination; the information processing power that can be gained by using IC cards remains as yet mostly untapped and is not well understood. Here lies a vast uncovered research area which we are only beginning to assess, and which will have a great impact on the eventual success of the technology. The research challenges range from electrical engineering on the hardware side to tailor-made cryptographic applications on the software side, and their synergies. This volume comprises the proceedings of the Fourth Working Conference on Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications (CARDIS 2000), which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and held at the Hewlett-Packard Labs in the United Kingdom in September 2000. CARDIS conferences are unique in that they bring together researchers who are active in all aspects of design of IC cards and related devices and environments, thus stimulating synergy between different research communities from both academia and industry. This volume presents the latest advances in smart card research and applications, and will be essential reading for smart card developers, smart card application developers, and computer science researchers involved in computer architecture, computer security, and cryptography.
Java Card technology provides a secure, vendor-independent, ubiquitous Java platform for smart cards and other memory constrained devices. It opens the smart card marketplace to third-party application development and enables programmers to develop smart card applications for a wide variety of vendors' products. This book is the comprehensive guide to developing applications with Java Card technology. It introduces you to the Java Card platform and features detailed discussions of programming concepts. It also provides a step-by-step Java Card applet development guide to get you up and running. Specific topics covered include: Smart card basics Java Card virtual machine Persistent and transient objects Atomicity and transactions Handling APDUs Applet firewall and object sharing Java Card platform security A step-by-step applet development guide Applet optimization guidelines A comprehensive reference to Java Card APIs With Java Card technology, smart card programming will finally enter the mainstream of application development. This book provides the authoritative and practical information you need to enter this rapidly growing arena. 0201703297B04062001"
Sie w?rden gerne Ihre eigenen Android-Apps entwickeln, Ihnen fehlen jedoch die n?tigen Java-Kenntnisse? Kein Problem! Barry Burd f?hrt Sie in die Grundlagen der Java-Programmierung ein und zeigt Ihnen genau das, was Sie zum Entwickeln von Android-Apps ben?tigen. Nat?rlich erfahren Sie dabei auch, wie Sie mit Java auf die Schnittstellen des Android-Betriebssytems zugreifen, um voll funktionsf?hige Apps entwickeln zu k?nnen. Lernen Sie die zugrunde liegenden Konzepte kennen, verstehen und umzusetzen und alle Herausforderungen zu meistern. Auf schnellem Weg gelangen Sie so anhand von zahlreichen Beispielen zu Ihrer ersten Android-App, der noch viele weitere folgen werden!
This newly revised edition of the highly successful 1997 book offers professionals and students an up-to-date, in-depth understanding of how payments are made electronically across the Internet. The second edition explores the very latest developments in this quickly expanding area, including the newest security techniques and methods, and features a completely new chapter on the exciting advances in mobile commerce. Pub 8/01.

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