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A complete list of individual tax relief opportunities J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2019 is the complete and thorough guide to reducing your tax burden. By listing every possible deduction and credit available to individual taxpayers, this book can help you achieve substantial savings on your 2018 tax return. Updated and expanded to cover new and changing tax law, this edition also includes an e-supplement covering the latest developments from Congress and the IRS to keep you fully up-to-date. Stop overpaying and gain peace of mind as you find the answers you need for your specific tax situation. Mine your paperwork for write-off opportunities, and claim your tax breaks correctly; easy-to-follow instructions give you clear guidance through the maze of worksheets to help you reclaim what is legally yours. Echoing cries of "Can I claim...?", "How do I deduct...?", "Where do I find...?" mean it's tax season again, and America's most trusted tax advisor is here to take away the stress. Find answers, save money, and streamline the filing process. Examine your records for deduction opportunities Identify each and every deduction for which you qualify Learn about new or updated deductions for your 2018 return See what types of income are tax free Claim correctly, with the appropriate forms and evidence Deductions and credits were put in place precisely to help everyday people like yourself keep more of their hard-earned money—but only if you claim them. Instead of mounting an expedition into impenetrable tax code, let an expert do the legwork for you: J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2019 gives you the straightforward, no-nonsense information you need to stop overpaying and keep more of what's yours.
The must-have guide to tax write-offs, with clear advice from a trusted expert J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2015 answers the most common tax question—"what can I deduct?" Updated and expanded for 2014 tax filing and 2015 tax planning, this straightforward guide uses plain English to explain the many available deductions and credits, allowing you to quickly recognize ways to reduce what you owe and maximize your returns. By stripping away all the rules and strategies that don't apply to the individual taxpayer, this book presents a clear, concise reference that can streamline the filing process. You'll find the qualification guidelines for each individual deduction or credit, plus expert instruction on how to actually take those deductions and credits that fit your particular situation. Every year, millions of Americans overpay their taxes by billions of dollars, collectively. Why? Because tax laws are confusing, and the threat of an audit makes taxpayers so afraid of errors that they fail to take even perfectly legal write-offs. 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks puts a stop to the confusion and fear, providing trusted, expert guidance toward filing correctly, on time, without leaving money on the table. Learn how your family, your home, your car, and your job or business can lower your tax bill Factor in educational costs, medical expenses, travel, and entertainment Understand which items are nondeductible and which are tax-free Develop a strategy for handling savings, investments, interest, charitable giving, and more A topic as fundamental and universal as deductions and credits merits a clear, in-depth guide catering to the average individual taxpayer, without irrelevant information or chapter upon chapter of incomprehensible legalese. J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2015 is the guide you've been searching for, with clear, concise, practical instruction on paying what you owe, and not a cent more.
Stop worrying and start saving with J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2006 Fully updated to reflect important changes in this year's tax laws,J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2006 will help youtake advantage of every tax break and deduction that you may beentitled to. This comprehensive guide is clearly organized by subject matter soyou can easily find situations that may apply to you. Each taxbenefit is clearly explained--along with the eligibilityrequirements for claiming the benefit--while planning tips andcommon pitfalls associated with the benefit in question arediscussed in detail. New tax law alerts are also includedthroughout the book, so you can make the most informed decisionspossible. With this book as your guide, you'll find deductions and tax breakswith regard to: * You and your family * Your home * Your car * Your job or business * Retirement savings * Education costs * Medical expenses * Health savings accounts * Real estate * Investing * Borrowing and interest * Insurance and catastrophes * Gifts and inheritances * Charitable giving * Travel * Entertainment J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2006 is packed withhundreds of updated deductions and credits, practical advice, andreal-world examples. It's a book every taxpayer should own.

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