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Guides the reader through the ten heavenly gates of the tree of life--intention, wisdom, understanding, compassion, strength, harmony, success, glory, creativity, and nobility
Kabbalah and Ecology resets the conversation about ecology and the Abrahamic traditions. David Mevorach Seidenberg challenges the anthropocentric reading of the Torah, showing that a radically different orientation to the more-than-human world of nature leads to a more accurate interpretation of scripture, rabbinic texts, Maimonides, and Kabbalah.
A collection of essays which present the elements of Jewish spiritual thinking.
Drawing on ancient and modern material, the author correlates symbol and system with modern scientific thought and discoveries. He describes in detail the origins of the cosmos, its various levels and inhabitants.
What is reality? Is reality both mind and matter, body and soul, as taught by Western religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? This is dualism, the approach of philosophers from Plato to Descartes. Or is reality only matter, as taught by many modern scientists and philosophers? This is materialism, the approach of philosophers from Hobbes to Marx. Or is reality only mind, as taught by Eastern religions and Western mystics. This is the approach of philosophers from Berkeley to Whitehead. The beginning of Genesis allows for multiple translations and interpretations. We will read the creation story in Genesis from the point of view of each of these three approaches—dualism, materialism, and idealism. In doing so, we will tell three very different creation stories. These stories will take us on a fascinating journey through science, philosophy, and religion. Join us on this journey as we explore issues such as does God perform miracles, why is there evil in the universe, was Darwin correct, can robots have souls, and if light is a wave, what is waving?
Reshit Chochmah, one of the classics of East European and Sephardic Jewry, has appeared in numerous editions. A combination of spiritual and moral advice in a deeply kabbalistic framework, it provides an irresistible model of personal redemption that is integral to the process of cosmic redemption. By improving oneself, one redeems the world. The popularity of Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas's work has continued into modern times, and it was one of the first Hebrew books reprinted after the Holocaust. The current translation from the original Hebrew of one of its most significant parts, The Gate of Love, now appears together with an extended introduction. This introduction defines vital kabbalistic terms and concepts, and sets the entire work within its kabbalistic context. With these aids, this classic of Jewish spiritual guidance will be accessible to the modern reader who might otherwise find Rabbi de Vidas's exposition very difficult to follow.
There has recently been much interest in the relationship between science and religion, and how they combine to give us a 'binocular' perspective on things. One important phenomenon which has been neglected in recent work is the concept of spiritual healing. This edited collection explores a variety of approaches to spiritual healing from different religious points of view, identifying both what it is and how it works. The authors also explore the biological and psychological processes, open to scientific enquiry, through which healing may be mediated. As such, this book indicates the central proposition that religious and scientific perspectives answer different questions about healing, and there is not necessarily any conflict between them.

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