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Karen can’t wait for Christmas! She and Andrew are writing to Santa, baking cookies, and decorating their tree. Karen is even learning about other holidays like Hanukkah. She is all ready for the big day. But then Karen’s grandmother Nannie gets sick. And now Karen doesn’t want Christmas to come at all unless she gets her one wish!
Karen is going on a trip to her Granny’s farm. There are all kinds of fun things to do there, like playing with the animals and riding on the tractor. Granny lives so far away, Karen has to take a plane to get there. But Karen has never flown alone before. She hopes it’s not to scary!
Karen’s friend, Nancy, is going to be a big sister. Her mommy is having a baby. At first, Karen is so jealous. Then Nancy promises to share the baby with her. Now Karen is super excited. Nancy might even bring the baby to school for Show and Share! Karen and Nancy can’t wait for the baby to be born. But how much longer will it be?
Karen and her best friends Hannie and Nancy call themselves the Three Musketeers. They do everything together. And now that it’s summer, they have big plans to play, play, play! But then Hannie and Nancy make plans without Karen. And Karen is mad. Really mad. What happened to the Three Musketeers?
Karen lives next door to an old lady named Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Porter wears long black robes and has wild grey hair. Her black cat is named Midnight. No wonder Karen thinks Mrs. Porter is a witch! Mrs. Porter is having a meeting at her house. Karen is sure the meeting is for witches. Are the witches going to cast a spell on Karen? Or will she be brave enough to send them away - once and for all?
Karen loves solving mysteries. SHe even starts her own detective agency with her best friends, Nancy and Hannie. As head detective, Karen knows how to use a special Decod-R ring and how to dust for fingerprints. Being a detective is gigundo fun. But now Karen’s pet rat, Emily Junior, is missing! Can Karen solve her toughest case yet?
Hooray for summer! Karen and her friends Hannie and Nancy cannot wait for summer vacation. They are going to sleep-away camp for a whole week! But Karen has already been to Camp Mohawk before. And now she thinks she knows everything there is to know about camping. Until Karen’s cabin spends a night sleeping in the woods. And Karen finds out she might not know-it-all after all!
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