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I slip into Thandi's bed in the night. I crack her ribs and climb deep inside her chest So I never have to leave. Johannesburg. 2014. Summer. Yolandi is listening to rap-rave music and helping her brother bust parts from her teacher's car. Thandi is swotting for her exams and keeping well away from any distractions. In the stifling heat, two teenagers collide. Downing Klipdrift brandy, they create an alliance away from everything else. But scars take time to heal and, as the thunder threatens to strike, the real world crashes in. Set in the eighteenth year of South Africa's democracy a tender coming-of-age story for a nation and its youth. Following a rehearsed reading at HighTide Festival in 2013, Klippies by South African playwright Jessica Siân received its world premiere at Southwark Playhouse, London, on 13 May 2015.
'n Skooltoer na Namibie saam met al sy pelle. Thomas kan skaars aan iets cooler dink. Boonop gaan hulle die geheimsinnige Kolmanskop besoek - 'n ou spookdorp wat byna onder die woestynsand begrawe le.
This publication is a collection of 40 oral testimonies about Beyers Naudé, but also about the apartheid era in general and about the role that Christianity played in that period. In addition to an abundance of insights on Beyers Naudé by those who knew him best, it offers perspectives on the movements and entities that Naudé associated himself with; for example, the Christian Institute, the South African Council of Churches and the people involved in both. Stories unfold – of faith and suffering, as well as betrayal, all against the background of an overtly racist apartheid state and by implication against a capitalist system with class divisions that degraded human beings and denied their human dignity.
Nicholas van der Swart has always known he is different. Unable to live up to the expectations his family, his heritage and his culture have of him, he grows increasingly diffident and introverted. When, at the age of 19, he is conscripted into the South African army, he enters a world that is utterly at odds with his every sensibility. Here, he will face the scorn and violence of his tormenters, but will also find the strength to survive. Although the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa has gone a long way toward exposing and exorcising some of the atrocities committed in the name of Apartheid, very little has been revealed about the adversities faced by gays under the regime. Set in "Ward 22" during the Angola Bush War that raged from 1966 to 1989 in South-west Africa, Moffie transports the reader into the world of a young gay conscript with evocative realism. At turns heart wrenching and humorous, told with great sensitivity and infused with hope, Moffie is a long overdue account of a vital subject, place and time.
This intimate account of what it was like to fly open-cockpit, single engined aircraft over the length and breadth of primitive Africa in the early 1930s has been written by one of the pioneers of the African air-routes, Victor Smith. Smith is in fact the last of that intrepid breed of pilots who risked their lives, and their machines, in a determined bid to open up the Darkest Continent and to reduce traveling times between Africa and Europe.

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