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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER FROM CRICKET'S HUGELY POPULAR COMMENTATOR With his infectious enthusiasm for the game, David 'Bumble' Lloyd blends immense knowledge and experience with an eye for the quirky detail and an unending fund of brilliant stories. This definitive autobiography recalls his childhood in Accrington, Lancashire, when, after a long day playing cricket in the street, he would get his chance to wash himself in his family's bath - but only after his parents and uncle had taken their turn first. From being last in the tin bath, he moved on to make his debut for Lancashire while still in his teens, eventually earning an England call-up, when he had to face the pace of Lillee and Thomson - with painful and eye-watering consequences. After retiring as a player, he became an umpire and then England coach during the 1990s, before eventually turning to commentary with Sky Sports. After spending more than 50 years involved with the professional game, Bumble's memoir is packed with hilarious anecdotes from the golden age of Lancashire cricket through to the glitzy modern era of T20 cricket. He provides vivid behind-the-scenes insight into life with England and on the Sky commentary team. Last in the Tin Bath is a joy to read from start to finish and was shortlisted for the British Sports Book Awards Autobiography of the Year.
Fearless. Competitive. Controversial. Three words that sum up the football career of Alan Mullery. His passion for football is matched by a stream of anecdotes about the players that have filled his professional life, including Bobby Moore, Pele, Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Greaves and George Best. Here, for the first time, Mullery lets the reader into the secrets he has previously kept hidden: the shame of being sent off for England; the true story behind England's 1970 World Cup quarter-final defeat; how he sold one thousand Cup final tickets on the black market; the bitterness behind the cheers of Spurs' 1972 UEFA Cup victory and the naked blonde in the hotel. In addition, he relates from the heart his darkest moments, brought on by stiffling financial pressure, and how he had to look deep within himself to come through the other end.
David Bret has spent 30 years writing about the famous, but now dishes the dirt on himself, holding nothing back when discussing the ones he loved, those he did not. Born in France, adopted by a British couple, he suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of a Machiavellian father, a serial adulterer whose cruelty knew no bounds. Unable to find love at home, he searched for solace in the arms of lovers of both sexes. Initially, these were ordinary men and women. There was a platonic relationship with Peter Sutcliffe, before he became The Yorkshire Ripper. When starting to gain plaudits as a biographer, his intimates became more celebrity orientated. Marlene Dietrich, Dorothy Squires and the French chanteuse, Barbara, took him to their hearts, as did others. In these very candid memoirs, Bret recalls his eccentric family, celebrity friends and lovers, but is unsparing towards the father he got away from only when his mother chose suicide rather than to continue suffering.
In this book, you will find an eclectic mix of personal tales from motorbike gangs, through to line-dancing troupes, to a non-safari African adventure. Some stories relate incidents from childhood through to teenage years. Others narrate experiences of early adulthood through to marriage and children. One tale explores the supernatural. A huge department store along with some of the characters who walked the floors is another. An alternative account describes the many joys and heartaches involved with fostering children. A stint in the army along with school days and childhood holidays all add to the combination of stories within. Whatever your mood, there is sure to be something to entertain, amuse and charm you.
In these three bestselling memoirs, Alan tells his own story from Ilkley Moor to Pebble Mill and to the final realising of his dream of becoming TV's favourite gardener. Along the way, the cast of characters includes everyone from Auntie Ethel to Nelson Mandela and the Queen.
This Autobiography was written at the insistence of a daughter who was curious about my life . Far from a dreadful childhood I laughed as I wrote it, - realizing it was ripe with the richness of the ever-cheery Cockney. Born in London opposite the Houses of Parliament I was the last of 16 children. Poverty and war; evacuation; my home destroyed; war work where the first jet engines were flown and refueling in flight invented. Seven brothers, my father, and my husband whod served aboard RMS Venus on those horrendous Russian Convoys in U-boat-infested waters, all had served King and Country. My husband never got over living at fever pitch. We emigrated to Canada and New Zealand, finally to California. Settled now in the Santa Clarita Valley with my second husband, I have been a docent for 26 years at the Los Angeles Zoo touring school children; visiting schools to show slides on the plight of endangered animals; reading to children at a local school; attending college classes and ongoing programs at the local Senior Center. Our children and grandchildren live close by; 24 around the Christmas table keeps us all happily connected. Attending Tai Chi classes with my husband, I took up playing the piano four years ago. I keep busy singing with a Senior group, writing stories, knitting and crocheting. Together we have travelled much of the globe. I hope the reader will find parallels of his own. Life is never as bad as we think!

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