Download Free Lawyer Know Thyself A Psychological Analysis Of Personality Strengths And Weaknesses Law And Public Policy Book in PDF and EPUB Free Download. You can read online Lawyer Know Thyself A Psychological Analysis Of Personality Strengths And Weaknesses Law And Public Policy and write the review.

Lawyer, Know Thyself explores what some consider to be a three-part crisis in the legal profession. Despite the many perks of being a lawyer - among them intellectual challenge, social status, and high salaries - job dissatisfaction, poor mental health, and substance abuse are surprisingly common among lawyers. In addition, the public arguably has less respect for attorneys than for any other professional group. Finally, there seems to be a crisis of professionalism among lawyers, as borne out by frequent complaints of incivility, combative litigation, and ethically questionable conduct.
While featuring field-based examples in multiple disciplines, including political science, anthropology, communication, psychology, sociology, law and teacher training, this book presents real cases of conflict work. Explained are concepts underlying conflict transformation and strategies that have been adapted for use in professional practice.
"[T]he best and most useful social science text I have read in a decadeÖ.It is comprehensive in its research and scope, clearly written and uses excellent case studies and examples to illustrate in simple terms what might otherwise be complex phenomena." --Dr. Tom Altobelli Federal Magistrate, Family Law Courts Sydney, Australia The goal of every family law professional and mental health practitioner is to improve family court outcomes in the best interests of the child. This book will assist readers in meeting this critical goal. Developmental Psychology for Family Law Professionals serves as a practical application of developmental theory to the practice of family law. This book helps family law and mental health professionals gain a broader understanding of each child's unique needs when in the midst of family crisis. It presents developmental theories with which professionals might better assess the developmental needs, synchronies, and trajectories of a given child. Ultimately, this book presents guidelines for making appropriate legal decisions and recommendations for children who have experienced crises such as abuse, neglect, relocation, divorce, and much more. Key topics include: Custodial schedules Foster and adoptive care Post-divorce disputes Termination of parental rights Psychological assessment and diagnosis Incarcerated parents and visitation rights Relocation and "distance parenting" Visitation resistance and refusal/reunification Parental Alienation/alignment and estrangement Theories of cognitive, language, and social development
This comprehensive edited collection draws together the latest international literature on offender compliance during penal supervision and after court orders expire. Outlining emerging developments in compliance research, theory, policy and practice, this book considers a wide range of offenders including women and young people.
In this book, the authors review and critique existing theories addressing the reasons some adolescent and adult males commit sex offences.

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