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This book is a study on how to unlock the innovative potential of the US Latino workforce. It goes beyond diversity by looking into how this emerging segment of the workforce views, accepts, and embraces innovation. This topic is important because innovation emanates from human beings, and cultural influences will determine how innovation is defined. Latinos will make up 31 percent of the US workforce by the year 2050. A significant part of the country’s knowledge workers will come from this demographic. Understanding how to unlock the innovative capabilities of Latinos is important for companies that want to differentiate themselves through an innovative workforce. The book combines empirically based research from our Project Impact study, and proven practical application using the ENOVALE methodology. This book will benefit management professionals and business students for several reasons. First, it goes beyond diversity, and provides management with definitive answers on how Latinos accept and react to innovation imperatives. The book also provides tools and methods to help manage the workforce to achieve innovative results.
Innovation Project Management Handbook provides organizational leaders and decision-makers with a cadre of agile, disciplined, and transformational tools and processes for improving innovation opportunity outcomes and achieving sustained innovation project success. The authors introduce new tools and processes developed over their decades of work in the field of innovation that assist organizations in aligning innovation opportunity decisions with their core competencies, business objectives, and strategic vision. In concert with accepted tools already in use today, you are provided a detailed description of each tool and process in an "easy to follow" format with actual application scenarios and exercises. The handbook begins with an innovation primer and introductory discussion on how the authors evolved the original ENOVALETM model into the N2OVATETM methodology. An overview of how to select a project for each type of innovation opportunity is provided, followed by an in-depth, step-by-step discussion on how to implement each innovation process type. Based on innovative outcomes, the authors identify seven unique processes, each having its own unique circumstances. This allows you to tailor the processes and associated tool-sets to the needs of your organization and situation. After selecting one of the seven processes that fit your desired innovation outcome, you simply follow the detailed process maps provided in the applicable chapter to achieve a desired outcome. In doing so, you will learn how to use, adapt, and improve the tools and techniques offered in the handbook to achieve a positive innovation outcome and add value to your organization, customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.
International and global in nature, Dubai - The Epicenter of Modern Innovation: A Guide to Implementing Innovation Strategies provides a roadmap for the successful implementation of innovation for companies and businesses currently working in the Middle East, the UAE, and more specifically, Dubai. The discussion focuses on implementing sustained innovation success within several industry segments, while identifying past, current, and future innovation-related successes that are leading to Dubai's rise as the epicenter of innovation in the Middle East and most notably, the world. The authors share key innovation leadership philosophies from Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Maktoum, recognized business leaders, and the highest levels in the UAE. This book: Features key leadership and innovation insights relative from the highest levels of government, including Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Maktoum and multiple UAE ministry officials. Focuses on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), most specifically, Dubai and the Nation’s preparation for hosting World Expo 2020. Contains numerous examples of past, present, and future innovations in Dubai. Provides an easy to implement innovation process management methodology, which has been tested to work in various businesses and organizations. Authored by individuals who have 'on the ground' experience living and working with the chief architects of Dubai's innovation vision and strategy. This book will attempt to take the reader through the construct of this new innovative revolution, particularly in Dubai, and provide a bird’s-eye view of how it came about. Most notably, the discussion will walk the reader through key milestones instrumental to Dubai’s success—such as the present and past leadership, culture, strategy, and strategic vision. In addition, the discussion will present an industry agnostic, agile and progressive approach to building and leading successful innovation teams through to a successful project out-come and the attributes of good innovation leadership.
Outlining the critical need to apply innovation to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the healthcare industry, Unlocking Sustained Innovation Success in Healthcare explains why innovation management is a must for all healthcare organizations. It describes how innovation, when implemented as a strategy, can yield sustainable success. This book is the first in a series that examines how ENOVALETM innovation process management operates for a specific market group. The ENOVALE process integrates practical innovation management techniques and scholarly research. Supplying insights garnered through research conducted at the Project Impact Institute, the authors present their own innovation process management technology that enables innovation to flow upward from individuals within your organization. They also detail a strategy for ensuring effective innovation process management and project success. The book demonstrates how the ENOVALE process is used and how it can provide for innovation success in the healthcare sector. Numerous examples of various healthcare businesses and practices illustrate the key principles and practices of the ENOVALE process. The book includes a chapter on leadership in the healthcare sector that demonstrates how to apply the methodologies discussed to achieve sustained success. It also includes a chapter on innovation and the individual that explains how companies, organizations, and non-profits can benefit from the ENOVALE approach. Describing how high-performing organizations can create a strategy and build a culture of innovation and learning, the book includes extensive citations of authors in the field who add value and justification for the practices covered in the text. After reading the book, you will gain an understanding of how to foster and apply the power of innovation to reduce costs, while increasing the quality of care provided in your healthcare organization.
In Implementing Organizational Change: Theory and Practice, Bert Spector provides a clear sequential framework for implementing change effectively. This framework is based on four perspectives: Performance perspective: The goal of change management is to create and sustain outstanding performances. Behavioral perspective: Alterations in patterns of employee behavior need to accompany all types of changes in order to achieve outstanding performance. Implementation perspective: Recognition of the need for change must be accompanied by effective implementation if outstanding performance is to be achieved. Leadership perspective: The coordinated efforts of leaders at multiple levels and in multiple units of an organization will promote effective implementation. Book jacket.

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