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In this far-ranging and provocative volume, Joe Colombano and Aniket Shah provide global perspectives on the most significant challenges facing modern America, seeking to inspire new ideas to redevelop America.
This OECD Economic Survey of Latvia examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. Special chapters cover improving public sector efficiency and raising productivity.
"The Incomplete Currency explains the reasons that are at the root of the current unsolved Euro zone crisis: The architecture of the Euro, the relationship between finance and the real economy, the functioning of the Eurosystem and how the unique currency has changed EU countries' economies are all topics analysed and illustrated in an elementary yet rigorous way, making extensive use of examples, tables, and numerous coloured graphics. Datasets and their statistical elaborations support the arguments illustrated throughout the book. Facts, not theories, matter: every assumption and statement is justified with strong evidence and data. In a macroeconomic context where the monetary policy is the prerogative of the European Central Bank and fiscal policy. Hopeless austerity works against the economic recovery of the Euro Zone countries, a positive attitude is difficult but necessary. Therefore, from the perspectives of solutions available to restore the unique interest rate curve, the reader is guided through a reasoned journey that carefully considers the pros and the cons of each possible solution and its implications"--
This edited volume on international development is a collection of papers presented at the international postgraduate conference “Development: What Now?” in Hong Kong from the 9th to 11th October 2014. With the support of the Postgraduate Students Conference Grant of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, this conference was organised by the Department of Applied Social Science of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The conference aimed to contribute in answering the vital question for the future of development studies: “What Now?” The conference explored some of the past, present and future challenges in international development. It was a grand success attracting over 60 participants from Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Italy, India, Poland, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, the UK and Hong Kong. The participants presented their research papers on ten major themes. These included (1) Empowering People, Climate Change and Education; (2) Poverty Reduction; (3) Gender Studies; (4) Human Rights, Environment and Wellbeing; (5) Foreign Aid and Development Cooperation; (6) Security and Transnationality; (7) Economic Development; (8) Urban and Rural Development; (9) Governance, Diplomacy and Health in Development; (10) Sociology and Diversity in Psychology, Literature and Advertising. The highlights of the conference were the two defining speeches delivered by Emeritus Professor Robert J. Holton of Trinity College Dublin and The University of South Australia, and Professor Damien Kingsbury of Deakin University, Australia. These two keynote speeches, together with other outstanding conference papers, have been selected and published in this volume.

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