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Dealing with the interconnections between music and the written word, this volume brings into focus an updated range of analytical and interpretative approaches which transcend the domain of formalist paradigms and the purist assumption of music’s non-referentiality. Grouped into three thematic sections, these fifteen essays by Italian, British and American scholars shed light on a phenomenological network embracing different historical, socio-cultural and genre contexts and a variety of theoretical concepts, such as intermediality, the soundscape notion, and musicalisation. At one end of the spectrum, music emerges as a driving cultural force, an agent cooperating with signifying and communication processes and an element functionally woven into the discursive fabric of the literary work. The authors also provide case studies of the fruitful musico-literary dialogue by taking into account the seminal role of composers, singer-songwriters, and performers. From another standpoint, the music-in-literature and literature-in-music dynamics are explored through the syntax of hybridisations, transcoding experiments, and iconic analogies.
"This book is sure to be a modern classic and is one of the most important books on gardening in the current century." —Jere Gettle, founder, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Heirloom Vegetable Gardening has always been a book for gardeners and cooks interested in unique flavors, colors, and history in their produce. This updated edition has been improved throughout with growing zones, advice, and new plant entries. Line art has been replaced with lush, full-color photography. Yet at the core, this book delivers on the same promise it made two decades ago: It’s a comprehensive guide based on meticulous first-person research to these 300+ plants, making it a book to come back to season after season.
This unique guide to one of today’s hottest tourist destinations combines fascinating articles by a wide variety of writers, woven throughout with the editor’s own indispensable advice and opinions—providing in one package an unparalleled experience of an extraordinary place. This edition on Tuscany and Umbria features: ● Articles, interviews, recipes, and quotes from writers, visitors, residents, and experts on the region, including Frances Mayes, Mario Batali, Erica Jong, Barbara Ohrbach, Faith Willinger, and David Leavitt. ● In-depth pieces about Florence and the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria that illuminate the simple pleasures of local cuisine, the dazzling art treasures of the Uffizi, the civilized wilderness of Tuscan back roads, the many varieties of olive oil, the endearing quirks of the Italian character, and much more. ● Enticing recommendations for further reading, including novels, histories, memoirs, coookbooks, and guidebooks. ● An A–Z Miscellany of concise and entertaining information on everything from biscotti to Super-Tuscan wine, from the history of the Medicis to traveling with children. ● Spotlights on unusual shops, restaurants, hotels, and experiences not to be missed. ● More than a hundred black-and-white photographs and illustrations. From the Trade Paperback edition.
“A wonderful cookbook with the very best authentic Italian recipes . . . Flick through it and you can feel immediately transported to a table under an olive tree” (The Sunday Tribune). Named One of the Top 100 Cookbooks of the Last 25 Years by Cooking Light! Verdura has become a classic that readers turn to as their vegetable cooking bible—with irresistible recipes representing the best of the Italian approach to vegetable preparation, an earthy yet spirited technique that celebrates fresh ingredients simply treated. Contending that eating well-prepared vegetables helps us to appreciate life’s natural cycles, Viana La Place presents recipes for antipastos, salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, risottos, pizzas, and much more. The vegetables she explores run from the familiar—artichokes, aubergines, radicchio—to the more exotic, such as chayote, cardoons, and brocciflower. (Sautée her cauliflower-broccoli hybrid in garlic and oil—then top it with pungent provolone!) Other recipes, such as Soup of Dried Broad Beans with Fresh Fennel; Fettucine with Peas, Spring Onions, and Mint; Grilled Bread with Raw Mushroom Salad; and Baked Red Pepper Fritatta; give further evidence of the author’s original yet thoughtful way with the earth’s bounty. Desserts are also included, among them Watermelon with Bittersweet Chocolate Shavings; Grilled Figs with Honey and Walnuts; and Lemon Granita and Brioches. With a vegetable and herb guide and an ingredient glossary, Verdura provides comprehensive information while exciting the palate.
It was in Italy that Janet Ross truly discovered her gifts for agriculture, food and writing. In this fascinating biography, Sarah Benjamin details Janet's passion for nature and food, uncovering a life shot through with talent, generosity, ideas, family secrets and intrigue.

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