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If we could choose one book as Dr. Sumrall's signature title, Faith Can Change Your World would be the one. Dr. Sumrall's understanding of and clear explanation of Faith will encourage and teach the reader. In Dr. Sumrall's own words: "Faith is an inexhaustible subject. Every Christian's heart yearns to possess this tremendous asset to spiritual victory. The basis of faith is knowledge of God's existence and an understanding of His love. I believe that there has never yet been a man who has fathomed its depths or realized its potentials. In this book, I share primary principles you need to know to have (faith) function properly in your life." Endorsed by Christian leaders such as Kenneth Copeland, Billy Joe Daugherty, R.W. Shambach and Rod Parsley, and forwarded by Rod Parsley. Faith Can Change Your World is a timeless classic filled with wisdom and revelation.
In the present volume James Robinson completes his trilogy, which deals with the history of divine healing in the period 1906-1930. The first volume is a study of the years 1830-1890, and was hailed as "a standard reference for years to come." The second book covers the years 1890-1906, and was acclaimed as "a monumental achievement" that combines "careful historical scholarship and a high degree of accessibility." This volume completes the study up to the early 1930s and, like the other two works, has a transatlantic frame of reference. Though the book gives prominence to the theology and practice of divine healing in early Pentecostalism, it also discusses two other models of healing, the therapeutic and sacramental, promoted within sections of British and American Anglicanism. Some otherwise rigorous Fundamentalists were also prepared to practice divine healing. The text contributes more widely to medical and sociocultural histories, exemplified in the rise of psychotherapy and the cultural shift referred to as the Jazz Age of the 1920s. The book concludes by discussing the major role that divine healing plays in the present rapid growth of global Christianity.
Without knowing the Holy Spirit's work in history, we cannot possibly understand what He is doing today, much less prepare for what He will do. In this third and final installment, the reader will learn how Charles Parham founded the modern Pentecostal baptism with speaking in tongues, how Evan Roberts gained worldwide attention through the 1904-05 Welsh revival, and how William Seymour spearheaded an international Pentecostal movement from Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906. The reader will learn how Pentecostalism spawned new denominations, national and international ministries, global renewal movements, and inspired innovators to take modern revivalism to a whole new level. Then when Pentecostalism penetrated American Middle-class Protestantism, many observers began speaking of a "third force" in Christianity. Meanwhile, revolutionary changes in the Catholic Church opened the door for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Then, just as the charismatic movement was beginning to subside in America, it went global, as charismatic mega churches, Bible schools, and television networks took the message of renewal to the world. The twenty-first century has witnessed a dramatic shift in Christianity to the Southern Hemisphere fueled, in part, by the global rise of Pentecostalism, with many new movements on the horizon.
Prayer is the only power in the world able to overcome the "laws of nature". This book teaches you clear and simple scriptural keys to unlocking the greatest, most thrilling resource of power in the world - prayer!
Is the prospect of surrendering your entire life to God daunting or exciting? Discover the secret, hidden wisdom that comes from yielding to Him - and how to take hold of His grace to do it.

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