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This book provides strategies for executives to use LinkedIn with authenticity, tact and power. It helps you understand the importance of this essential social media platform for your career, both now and in the future. It shows you how to control the way you present yourself on LinkedIn through your profile and online interactions.When your LinkedIn profile highlights your business story with passion and authenticity, you attract your ideal customers, clients, employers and employees - those who resonate with your message.Beyond just housing your profile, LinkedIn is a relationship-building tool - an efficient way to engage with those you care about in your business. LinkedIn is also a vehicle for expressing your thought leadership, building your own brand as a leader and contributing to your company's brand equity.This book guides the savvy executive to use LinkedIn in a way that powers your career.
What does it take to build a successful small business? Being an entrepreneur is a lonely proposition. Where can you learn the tools, tips, and steps to create, build, and grow a successful, sustainable business? This book is written by a successful woman-owned small business owner with the added expertise of other women-owned small business owners to shorten your learning curve, validate your journey, and provide actionable tools for your success. By reading this book, you will: - Learn easy, actionable tips and techniques you can immediately put into action for your business - Identify where you are on track and what you are missing to continue the success of your business - Validate your personal experiences as you read the stories of the lessons learned from other woman founders of small businesses
"Today's buyers want to be engaged differently than in years past, and many traditional marketing tactics simply do not work anymore. Social media marketing is a revolutionary way to build solid relationships with buyers long before first contact. Marketing 2.0 demonstrates through strategies, tactics, and real world examples that the greatest risk to businesses is NOT adopting these indispensable social media marketing techniques" -- Cover.
Thanks to the decreasing cost of prototyping, it's more feasible for professional makers and first-time entrepreneurs to launch a hardware startup. But exactly how do you go about it? This book provides the roadmap and best practices you need for turning a product idea into a full-fledged business. Written by three experts from the field, The Hardware Startup takes you from idea validation to launch, complete with practical strategies for funding, market research, branding, prototyping, manufacturing, and distribution. Two dozen case studies of real-world startups illustrate possible successes and failures at every stage of the process. Validate your idea by learning the needs of potential users Develop branding, marketing, and sales strategies early on Form relationships with the right investment partners Prototype early and often to ensure you're on the right path Understand processes and pitfalls of manufacturing at scale Jumpstart your business with the help of an accelerator Learn strategies for pricing, marketing, and distribution Be aware of the legal issues your new company may face
Tactful self-promotion is an extraordinarily useful--in fact, crucial-- career competency, relevant at any stage. This book is for you if you're: - new to your career, striving to establish a reputation in your profession. - at mid-career, feeling like you've plateaued or stalled, and need to build influence. - working in the "gig" economy, freelancing, and seeking contract work. - starting your own business, or becoming a consultant. - between jobs and trying to find a new opportunity. Based on thousands of conversations with people seeking more visibility, the authors outline actions that even the most reserved can take to increase their visibility without violating their integrity or values (and without triggering a panic attack!). Illustrated by real-world examples, it is full of practical approaches, immediate tips, and ideas to implement. Power Your Career: The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work will help you find ways to promote yourself--tactfully!
Culture Your Culture is the comprehensive guide to Design of Work Experience, an innovative (and much needed) framework for the design and implementation of culture, people strategies, organizational change, and designed experiences that enable both business and people thrive.

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