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The olfactory journey described in this book introduces readers to the pleasures and benefits of educating and training the 'nose', our olfactory palate. Jennifer Peace Rhind explores the process of cultivating our sense of smell and demonstrates how the process itself can be therapeutic and enjoyable, as well as informative. She highlights the different skills involved, from olfactory vocabulary, awareness, and memory, through to discrimination and fragrance creation, and the activities that can help to acquire them, emphasizing the value of experiential learning. She describes the Japanese art of koh-do or the 'way of incense' and suggests ways of creating group events inspired by this. Based on her twenty five years' experience working with essential oils and aromatic plant extracts, she also leads the reader through a variety of scent families, with information on the botanical source, odour profiles, olfactory notes, and suggestions for comparison with other scents. This method of educating and training the 'nose' is fascinating, challenging and life-enhancing and will be of interest to anyone eager to develop their sense of smell, and of incalculable use to aromatherapy students and practitioners who must acquire these skills for their career.
Magnolia Holden fled the Black Hills Wolves with her family during the reign of Magnum, terrified for her life and for that of her older sister Betty, who she had to leave behind. She has never wanted to go back to Los Lobos and face her terror of the enforcer, Ryker. Instead she lives happily in Sioux Falls helping her parents run their dress shop and dreaming of Clayton Davies, the human mystery writer who she loves but believes she can never have. But there is murder happening in the Black Hills and when Betty’s mate, the Alpha Drew, lies at death’s door, Mags will have to return and face her worst nightmares over and over again. Only this time she won’t be alone. Clayton loves Mags, and he is a man who knows how to look into the darkness and come out the other side. Together, they will help Ryker seek a killer who wants humans dead. If they can both live through the night...
Terese knew she had to write her life story after realizing her daughter had no clue how the family ended up in Australia. Even her two younger brothers didnt know much about their familys historyone was a baby when they moved and the other had been born in Australia. The fact was that Tereses parents didnt talk about their life in Poland, the war, or being separated from their children. But Terese remembered her mother telling her to run to the boss whenever she heard him whistling. The boss hid her throughout the farm on many occasions after she came running to him. She remembered when she and her baby brother, Wladek, were taken away from their mother, and also when she was separated from himnever to see his face again. Every day, Terese would cry for her mother. And every day, shed see monsters instead. When the Allies liberated Poland, Terese was not expected to survive, but the scent of an orange marked a turning point in her journeyone that led her and her parents to a new life in Australia.
A story of suffering, determination and hope as the end draws near.
An execution-style killing took place in a small town outside of Boston. The murder was believed to be a mob hit. But was it? Detective Regan didnt think so. He knew the victim too well, and he would not rest until he found out who really pulled the trigger. Little did he know that when the truth comes out, it would change the victims family forever.
Paul Celan, one of the greatest German-language poets of the twentieth century, created an oeuvre that stands as testimony to the horrors of his times and as an attempt to chart a topography for a new, uncontaminated language and world. Breathturn into Timestead: The Collected Later Poetry gathers the five final volumes of his life's work in a bilingual edition, translated and with commentary by the award-winning poet and translator Pierre Joris. This collection displays a mature writer at the height of his talents, following what Celan himself called the "turn" (Wende) of his work away from the lush, surreal metaphors of his earlier verse. Given "the sinister events in its memory," Celan believed that the language of poetry had to become "more sober, more factual . . . ‘grayer.'" Abandoning the more sumptuous music of the first books, he pared down his compositions to increase the accuracy of the language that now "does not transfigure or render ‘poetical'; it names, it posits, it tries to measure the area of the given and the possible." In his need for an inhabitable post-Holocaust world, Celan saw that "reality is not simply there; it must be searched for and won." Breathturn into Timestead reveals a poet undergoing a profound artistic reinvention. The work is that of a witness and a visionary.

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