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The first comprehensive bibliography of Lord Palmerston's life, both public and private.
Essential to the study of Edmund Burke, this up-to-date bibliography provides a summary of his life and career, a guide to writings by and about him, and information on his background and contemporaries.
Provides information on a range of sources on the Pelham brothers, the statesmen who guided Britain through the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War.
Reviews all important primary and secondary sources by and about Balfour, a British statesman. Part I is a historiographical narrative section, integrating historical and biographical events, criticism, and observations of reviewers along with those of the author. This section surveys sources including books, government documents and publications, memoirs, dissertations, articles, and interviews. Part II consists of 425 annotated bibliography entries, keyed to information in Part I.
It has long been a mainstay in historical literature that the Civil War had a deleterious effect on Anglo-American relations and that Britain came close to intervention in the conflict. Historians assert that it was only a combination of desperate diplomacy, the Confederacy's military losses, and Lincoln's timely issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation that kept the British on the sidelines. Phillip E. Myers seeks to revise this prevailing view by arguing instead that wartime relations between Britain and the United States were marked by caution rather than conflict. Using a wide array of primary materials from both sides of the Atlantic, Myers traces the sources of potential Anglo-American wartime turmoil as well as the various reasons both sides had for avoiding war. And while he does note the disagreement between Washington and London, he convincingly demonstrates that transatlantic discord was ultimately minor and neither side seriously considered war against the other. Myers further extends his study into the postwar period to see how that bond strengthened and grew, culminating with the Treaty of Washington in 1871. The Civil War was not, as many have believed for so long, an unpleasant interruption in British-American affairs; instead, it was an event that helped bring the two countries closer together to seal the friendship. Soundly researched and cogently argued, Caution and Cooperation will surely prompt discussion among Civil War historians, foreign relations scholars, and readers of history.

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