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We see, hear, know and think about death almost every day of our lives. We see and hear it on TV, radio and movies. We read about it in newspapers, on the Internet and in non-fiction and fictional books. We know it with every personal change and loss we experience. And we think about it consciously or unconsciously when the reality of mortality hits home. Good Grief - Love, Loss & Laughter is a collection of commentaries, stories and true-life events from the highly acclaimed newspaper column Good Grief. These are not your run-of-the-mill Ms. Manners type advice letters, though some are surprising and humorous. Good Grief includes real people, diverse circumstances and practical solutions. You won't find a lot of theoretical, academic or know-it-all poppycock in this concise collection, nor will the reader be required to wade through a textbook of dogmatic cliches. This work makes it easy to access an area of interest and discover down to earth, tried and true exercises, suggestions and solutions for living with loss. Some of the life and death issues presented in these pages include expected or sudden loss; male and female reactions; funerals; personal choices; pet loss; loss of a child; suicide; intimacy after loss; and keeping those who have died present in our lives.
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This book is a first offering of poetry by actor/teacher/artist, Jeff Warren. It is a compilation of some of the poems written across more than half a century. He writes with great personal passion and humor. His love and use of words enables him to capture his thoughts and feelings about love and love lost, apostasy to whimsy. Some are fanciful, others iconoclastic. You may even find a couple of erotic ones. Each poem expresses a moment, a thought or a dream in his life when he was so moved by love, tears, anger or laughter that he felt compelled to write a poem....
On Dee Branch’s first date with Johnnie Oliver, a fourth-generation funeral director, she knew she was in for a unique relationship when he had to leave “for just a minute”—and he came back to the car with a corpse. Over twenty years later, Dee was still in love with her charming southern gentleman when he passed away suddenly in 2007. Determined to carry on Johnnie’s work, Dee earned her mortuary science degree, only to find herself no longer needed in the family business. So Dee crossed the racial divide in the most segregated industry in America and joined the staff of an African-American funeral home as a single white woman. In The Undertaker’s Wife, Oliver draws from her wealth of experience to provide candid and often hysterically funny advice on dying well and surviving the loss of those who have gone before. Her insights on the common ground of grief, survival, and the ever-present faithfulness of God (to all of us, regardless of our race, religious upbringing, or socio-economic background) will help readers prepare for one of life’s only certainties—and do it with wisdom, grace, and a healthy dose of joy.
In The Wisdom of Women, Candida celebrates all the wisdom and nurturing supportive female friends, family, mentors, and even strangers, can bring to our lives. With great deftness she weaves the tapestry of her life around the experiences of other women, who freely share their stories of kindness, laughter, betrayal and loss.
Artist Hunter Franks has been collecting stories of people's first loves from around the United States since 2014. This collection of stories will make you laugh, cry, and connect with your love for yourself and those around you.
We’ve all loved. We’ve all laughed. Sadly, we’ve also probably all known loss in one form or another. And, yes, we at Wayward Ink are sure we’ve all experienced lust! In Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust, you'll experience one or more of the "L"s as we take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Whether you like to sigh over the sweet, cry for the broken-hearted, enjoy a good laugh, or get a little hot and bothered; there's something for everyone in this collection. Stories included: His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos by Julie Lynn Hayes Invisible by Taylin Clavelli Hearts by Anyta Sunday A Closed Door by Andrew Q. Gordon Sleepwalking by Taylin Clavelli Life According to Buddy by Lily Velden Service with a Smile by Lily G. Blunt Hunter or Hunted? by Lily Velden

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