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One of the nation's most influential parenting authorities shares her winning tips for raising great kids "Takes parents well beyond discipline and provides lasting lessons in raising caring, confident kids." --Ann Pleshette Murphy, parenting correspondent for "ABC News" and "Mother Know-How" columnist for Family Circle Raising well-behaved, considerate children requires balancing discipline with love and humor. Nancy Samalin, internationally known parent educator and author of the bestselling Loving Your Child Is Not Enough, provides immediate answers to child-rearing challenges and helps develop the confidence and skills needed to raise a new generation of well-adjusted adults. Covering the most common parental concerns, Loving Without Spoiling provides effective strategies for positive parenting.
As an experienced therapist, a parenting expert on television and radio, an award-winning columnist, and a parent, Dr. Jenn Berman provides insightful and informative advice to parents as they guide their children through early childhood. The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids addresses twenty-six of the most important issues that modern parents face. Each self-contained and easy-to-read chapter covers a different topic, allowing busy parents to quickly find and read what they need. You’ll turn to this great resource again and again as your children grow.
In this now-classic, straightforward approach to childraising, Nancy Samalin shows parents how to set clear, concise guidelines to ensure positive and constructive discipline. Based on her extensive work with parents and children, she offers the most recent and invaluable advice on: Avoiding daily battles Using alternatives to punishment Dealing with anger Learning to let go Diminishing sibling rivalries and much, much more. Filled with practical solutions to everyday problems and thoughtful, useful information on opening up communication between the generations, Loving Your Child Is Not Enough will help parents to truly enjoy their child's growing years. Nancy Samalin is a contributing editor to Parents magazine with a regular column on discipline. Available on audiocassette from Penguin HighBridge Audio
"In keeping with person-centered theory and therapy, John and RitaSommers-Flanagan have produced a book that will be immenselyhelpful for professionals who work with parents. Throughout thepages, there are many examples of practitioners honoring andrespecting parents and listening deeply to how best be of help. Iam delighted that this book continues to echo and expand on myfather's work." —Natalie Rogers, PhD, REAT, author, The CreativeConnection and The Creative Connections for Groups "Because parenting can be such a dizzying task, professionalsworking with parents need to have intelligible, compassionate, andethical principles to guide their work. John and RitaSommers-Flanagan have mastered this complex terrain, and we arefortunate, in this articulate and accessible book, to gain fromtheir exceptional experience and wisdom." —Andrew Peterson, EdD, author, The Next Ten Minutes: 51Absurdly Simple Ways to Seize the Moment Step-by-step guidance for building healthy dialogues withparents that open communication and promote positiveoutcomes Embracing the uniqueness of every parent, family situation, andpractitioner, How to Listen so Parents Will Talk and Talk soParents Will Listen helps professionals address theparent-child problems that families often find puzzling orchallenging and for which they seek support and guidance. How to Listen so Parents Will Talk and Talk so Parents WillListen features many specific interventions and methods forhelping parents implement developmentally appropriate andscientifically supported strategies for building healthyparent-child relationships and working through the most commonconflicts encountered in families. It includes: Tips for creating a positive therapist-client experience withparents Guidelines for working with a variety of parents Parenting tip sheets and homework assignments Case studies focusing on many different parenting problems,including the strong-willed child, divorce, homework battles,spanking, and more How to Listen so Parents Will Talk and Talk so Parents WillListen will help you develop positive relationships withparents so that constructive two-way dialogue can be established.Even the most difficult and resistant parents can be successfullyengaged through the helpful strategies, advice, and tools found inthis practical guide.
The premature birth of a baby is both a medical and family crisis. Within the pages of this comprehensive guide, parents will find compassionate support, practical suggestions for coping and adjusting, and advice that empowers them to handle an array of emotions.
"Dr. Donahue's calm, reasoned approach will help moms and dads sort out their concerns so they can stop worrying about the future and enjoy their rapidly changing kids — now." --Thomas. W. Phelan, author, 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children The ‘perfect parenting' expectations imposed on you by the media, society, your family, and your community can seem impossible to live up to and only make you more fearful and anxious. Paul Donahue, Ph.D. has uncovered the six most common fears that prevent you from being the effective, loving, and successful parent you want to be: -The Fear of Letting Go -The Fear of Not Doing Enough -The Fear of Taking Charge -The Fear of Slowing Down -The Fear of Unstructured Time -The Fear of Falling Behind Parenting Without Fear gives you the tools to confront your fears, rethink your goals and teach your children how to be independent, to persevere, to cooperate and respect adults, to be mindful, to imagine and explore their world, and to develop compassion for others. Discover how to gain the confidence to trust your own judgment, and the courage to make choices about your children's academic, social and athletic lives that reflect your family's values and balance your needs with theirs. "Dr. Donahue has masterfully identifies the key fears faced by many parents as they confront the challenges of raising children in today's world and he does so with warmth, humor, and empathy. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for parents." --Robert Brooks, Ph.D., co-author, Raising Resilient Children and The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence and Personal Strength in Your Life "This book provides welcome reassurance to parents who worry they are not doing everything they can for their kids." --Nancy Samalin, M.S., author of Loving without Spoiling and 100 Timeless Tips for Raising Terrific Kids

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