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This insider's account should prompt a serious reconsideration of practices in a profession which has a critical influence over untold lives.
Few outsiders realize that student illness is frequently, and ironically, a by-product of medical training. This unique study by a medical doctor and trained anthropologist debunks popular myths of expertise and authority which surround the medical establishment and asks provoking questions about the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge within the field. In detailing all levels of basic training in a London medical school, the author describes students' 'official' activities (that is, what they need to do to qualify) as well as their 'unofficial' ones (such as their social life in the bar). This insider's exposé should prompt a serious reconsideration of abuses in a profession which has a critical influence over untold lives. In particular, it suggests that the structures and discourses of power need to be re-examined in order to provide satisfactory answers to sensitive questions relating to gender and race, the dialogue between doctor and patient and the mental stability of students under severe stress.
Until recently professionalism was transmitted by respected role models, a method that depended heavily on the presence of a homogeneous society sharing values. This is no longer true, and medical schools and postgraduate training programs in the developed world are now actively teaching professionalism to students and trainees. In addition, licensing and certifying bodies are attempting to assess the professionalism of practising physicians on an ongoing basis. This is the only book available to provide guidance to those designing and implementing programs on teaching professionalism. It outlines the cognitive base of professionalism, provides a theoretical basis for teaching the subject, gives general principles for establishing programs at various levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development), and documents the experience of institutions who are leaders in the field. Teaching aids that have been used successfully by contributors are included as an appendix.
Health Care Professionalism at a Glance offers accessiblecoverage of an increasingly important aspect of medical and healthprofessional education. This concise text includes how to identifyand develop professional behaviours, how they are assessed, and howto challenge unprofessional behaviours. Health Care Professionalism at a Glance: • Provides a user-friendly and thought provokingoverview of health care professionalism • Introduces the main topics, key definitions andexplores aspects relevant to learners and noviceprofessionals • Considers fundamental features of professionalism thatstudents are expected to acquire as well as how they are taught,learned and assessed • Includes summary boxes that highlight importantpoints, reflection points, clinical cases and suggested furtherreading • Includes references relevant to differentcountries’ accrediting bodies This important new book will assist students in understanding thenature of professionalism, its assessment, and the implications forprofessional practice.
Anthropologists are affected by and affect others through emotional engagement; they manage emotions or allow them to unfold as vehicles of understanding. The contributors to this volume argue that participant observation is an embodied relational process mediated by emotions. If fieldwork is to attain its fullest potential, emotional reflexivity must complement the wider reflexive task of anthropologists. This makes particular demands on the training of anthropologists, and the contributors to this volume propose new ways of practising emotional reflexivity (such as radical empiricism) that enhance anthropological knowledge. Emotions in anthropology are explored from a variety of methodological and theoretical standpoints, drawing on fieldwork in Nepal, the UK, Taiwan, Russia, India and the Philippines.

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