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This is a book about business as it is - not as it should be. Managers face the same problems the world over - bad meetings, boring presentations, unreasonable expectations, difficult bosses - and somehow they are meant to make sense of it all. But this isn't taught in business school. In Management Stripped Bare Jo Owen draws on his vast experience to present real-life solutions and observations on common management challenges. Each challenge is described, and successful and unsuccessful responses are illustrated with case studies. Punchy, edgy and refreshingly honest, it is entertaining and witty as well as informative. Irreverent and incisive, Management Stripped Bare cuts through the usual management hype and rhetoric to reveal what business is really about. It is not a grand theory of management but a practical guide to survival in the real world.
Marketing is a big subject. It's complex and often misunderstood.
If you're having trouble motivating your employees, need to resolve a conflict, or want to learn how to better monitor your employees’ performance, this straight-forward guide will take you step by step through every aspect of managing. Packed with expert advice on team-building, communication skills, identifying talented employees, and letting go of staff, Managing for Dummies takes the stress out of what can be an intimidating and high-pressured job. The book will be adapted from the current US edition of Managing for Dummies. Existing content will be revised to reflect essential UK information including: UK-specific case studies, including references to recognisable UK businesses UK business practice, including ethics, employee and employers rights and responsibilities, hiring and firing - with reference to UK law UK websites UK financial information
The last 20 years has seen one management fad after another come and go. At the behest of consultants and gurus, businesses have re-engineered, downsized, learnt excellence, developed competencies and created customer-focused strategies.
This edited volume is a compendium of research papers on the theme "Innovation in Management Challenges and Opportunities in the Next Decade". There were twenty seven papers contributed by academicians and researches and eleven papers contributed by amateur authors. The keynote on the theme given by Dr. T. Alex, Chairman, ISRO throws light on innovation in space technology which is ushering in lot of advancements towards well-being of the society.
"The brave may not live forever-but the cautious do not live at all!" -Sir Richard Branson Richard Branson is an iconic entrepreneur and the founder of Virgin Airways, Virgin Records, and many other Virgin businesses around the world. Now he shares the inside track on his life in business and reveals the incredible truth about his most risky, brilliant, and audacious deals. Combining invaluable advice with remarkable, and candid stories of Virgin's greatest achievements, as well as some of its setbacks, this is a dynamic, inspirational, and truly original guide. Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur, or are just starting out, Branson strips business down to show how you can succeed and make a difference.
John Adair has transformed our understanding of how leadership works with his pioneering book Not Bosses But Leaders. Here he explores the nature of motivation, individual needs and how they relate to the key tasks facing leaders and managers - good, positive motivation can create, maintain and improve the performance of any team. In Leadership and Motivation John Adair also puts forward his own theory of motivation - the fifty-fifty rule - and then identifies the eight key principles for motivating others. Motivation increases efficiency and productivity - and makes reaching targets more likely. Leadership and Motivation will stimulate your thoughts and ideas on how to inspire others, and offers you some practical ways to motivate yourself and others to achieve.

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