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Project Report from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - International Economic Relations, grade: 73%, University of Westminster, course: BA Global Marketing, language: English, abstract: The report aims to achieve three main objectives: the first is to determine the cultural differences between China and UK based on the fundamental theories of culture; the second is to analyze the issues related to functional areas such as Marketing and Human resources with theories of cross-cultural management and the third is to provide solutions and recommendations to managers involved in similar situations. The scenario provided by the task has been identified by this report as the case of a cross-border M&A companies between UK and China, where the UK Company will be the parental group and China, the target. Cross-border M&A is defined as a project in which a firm from one country buys the entire asset or controls percentage of an enterprise in another country (Zhang & Wang, 2004). When the cross-border M&A happens, it becomes the main task for the enterprise to combine resources and operations. Main goal of this report is to provide insights for managing cultural differences in order to reduce the costs of a lousy cross-cultural management and eliminate the conflicts caused from cultural differences in multinational enterprise.
The international nature of modern Business means that individual and organizational success is no longer dependent solely on business acumen- our ability to understand, communicate and work with people in different countries and cultures around the world is more important than ever as more companies rely on their global reach to achieve the best profit and performance. For this reason, international business and cross-cultural management are key topics in undergraduate business, MBA and executive education programs worldwide as companies and institutions prepare current and future business leaders for the global marketplace.
The International Conference on Chinese Enterprise Research (ICCER) is an annual event organized by the Lien-Chinese Enterprise Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University. Held on 13 and 14 December 2007 at Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry respectively, the succeeding ICCER enjoyed immense support from local and international Management scholars, boosting the scale and academic standing of the conference. The conference invited famous keynote speakers, including Professor Zhang Weiying, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University and Professor Zhao Renwei, former director of the Institute of Economy, Chinese Academy of Social Science. At the same time, attendance also included heads of Nanjing University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Northwest University and Sichuan University''s Management and Economics schools, together with research directors and professors of the finest educational institutions. In addition to academic presentations, a panel of prominent economists such as Professor Tan Khee Giap from Nanyang Technological University, Mr Xu Li, General Manager of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Singapore) and Mr Jack Niu, Deputy Group Chief Credit Officer, Standard Chartered Bank also deliberated on the topic OCyInternationalization of Banks in ChinaOCO. The keynote speeches, together with a collection of 25 excellent research papers from the conference are presented to the readers in this proceedings."
As one of the world's largest economies China is facing many unique management challenges in the wake of the financial crisis. The future presents many opportunities for growth and commerce but new management skills must be developed to cope with these issues.
Investigates the impact of culture on Chinese and foreign corporations operating in China.
`A highly recommendable and powerful work...I have found this book to be both a revelatory mirror on past events and an inviting window to future prospects. I am certain that it will be of equal or greater value to all those involved and interested in the tangled complexities, and inherent rewards, of educational leadership, particularly within international or cross-cultural contexts' - Daniel H. Jarvis, International Review of Education `Clive Dimmock and Allan Walker's books is a valuable addition to the overcrowded literature on leadership. This is a useful and important book because citizenship, globalization and the tensions with nationality should be the concern of all who lead any school; even monofaith, monoethic and monolingual schools' - Tim Brighouse, TES Friday 'The authors offer a rigorous and systematic analysis based on careful definition, illustration and discussion which demonstrates the importance of understanding culture, leadership and their interaction in different contexts: in doing so they provide a powerful antidote to the simplistic export of ideas and lay foundations for a more sophisticated conceptual framework for the study of educational leadership' - John West-Burnham, International Leadership Centre, University of Hull This key text in educational leadership focuses on the significance of the context and culture of schools. The book addresses the growing recognition of cultural differences between societies and the resultant differences in schooling. It also deals with vital issues relating to multicultural education and the leadership of multicultural schools. Drawing on their first-hand experience, the authors explore the differences evident in classroom teaching and learning, as well as organizational, leadership and management aspects of schools. They show how such differences can make over-reliance on Anglo-American approaches misleading, ineffective and restrictive. Key features of the book include: - a methodology to support the emerging field of international and comparative educational leadership and management - in-depth comparative analysis of Anglo-American and Asian schooling and educational management - the leadership of multi-cultural schools This book is essential reading for professionals and students of educational leadership and management, as well as administrators.

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