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This thrilling conclusion to the Beautiful Justice series illustrates the power of intercessory prayer to redeem generational sins, and sheds light on justice and retribution, mercy and divine preservation.
Andrew McKenzie has lived most of his life tormented by guilt and pain, haunted by the secrets of his past. When he is hired to work for Sienna and Jonathan Driscoll, his life changes more drastically than he could have ever imagined. Before long, Drew learns that this is not an ordinary job. There is definitely something unusual about the Driscoll family. Especially their son, Justice Quinn. Drew is introduced to the Driscolls’ daughter, Bella Maura, with whom he shares a special bond. As his relationship with Bella develops, Drew learns that he is not the only one hiding a secret. Each new day brings with it shocking revelations about the unique spiritual gifts of the Driscolls, and their God-given obligation to people suffering at the hands of the darkness and evil of the world. Where is God’s justice? Does anyone hear the prayers of the abused, those too broken and weak to defend themselves? Why does it seem that so often the unjust escape punishment on the earth? Justice Quinn deals with each of these questions, as well as the concept of intercessory prayer, in order to help us understand why God’s timing must be reverenced.
Novelist Sienna Emory is surprised by a frantic call she receives from her old college friend, Cheney. When she arrives at Cheney’s house, Sienna finds her passed out from a drug overdose and neighbor Jonathan Driscoll arriving on the scene. Trying to help Cheney overcome her addictions, Sienna develops a friendship with Jonathan, a handsome single father, and his five-year-old daughter Bella. However, Bella is not the typical kindergartner; she has special gifts, as if she is communicating on a direct line to God. Sienna and Jonathan quest for answers to Bella’s special gifts, leading them to Jonathan’s hometown in Ireland that holds the key to a family secret. Sienna begins to fall in love with Jonathan, but wonders what is God’s plan for them and if their faith is strong enough to protect them from evil. In her second novel, author Dawn Dyson seamlessly weaves together a touching love story with weighty spiritual topics such as overcoming abuse, trusting God, and stepping into your spiritual gifts. Bella Maura is the first installment of the two-book series Beautiful Justice. This exhilarating novel will open readers to the spiritual opportunities and challenges that face us all.
Mercy Sky is a riveting novel based upon actual historical events woven silently through our young American past. Events such as John Chart Crenshaw's Reverse Underground Railroad or the "lost" section of the Cherokee Trail of Tears are the very fabric loosely covering our identity as a nation. As a people forever affected by the ramifications of tragedy, we should not let the lessons fall away useless and forgotten. Mercy Sky revisits yesterday's world with the timelessness of a delicate love story. The spiritual waves brought of young lovers Lemn and Cora, of makeshift siblings Avi and Drake unfurl anew like a crisp banner on a fresh land, a land they envisioned would be our America. Or did evil, did bitterness taint their dreams? Dawn Dyson takes contrasting, seemingly isolated threads and masterfully swirls them together into a liberating foundation of hardship and triumph upon which we all can stand. Follow her on the enigmatic path she creates through our shared history. Upon finish, you'll take a look back reflecting on the layered depth of Mercy Sky and find that your soul is suddenly clearer as you face your own horizon.
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