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This book covers 250 milestones in mathematical history, beginning millions of years ago with ancient "ant odometers" and moving through time to our modern-day quest for new dimensions.
This book is the first clear and unproblematic account of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s method and its consequences for good thinking. It has radical implications for conceptual investigation, analysis, value judgment, political ideology, ethics, and even religion.
The representation of abstract data and ideas can be a difficult and tedious task to handle when learning new concepts; however, the advances of emerging technology have allowed for new methods of representing such conceptual data. The Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization focuses on the use of visualization technologies to assist in the process of better comprehending scientific concepts, data, and applications. Highlighting the utilization of visual power and the roles of sensory perceptions, computer graphics, animation, and digital storytelling, this book is an essential reference source for instructors, engineers, programmers, and software developers interested in the exchange of information through the visual depiction of data.
In this book, you'll learn why Florence Nightingale introduced pie charts, how Lewis Carroll regarded Pythagoras, and why some infinities are larger than others. You'll also meet the mathematician who knew eight languages by the time he was 11, the one who was sent to jail for gambling and the one who published a lot yet never existed. Organised...
Award-winning author Clifford A. Pickover gathers into one fully illustrated volume the most important thinkers and ideas in the history of science. This unique omnibus edition includes 250 thoughtfully selected entries from many of the science-based books in the Sterling Milestones series, from biology and chemistry to engineering, math, and physics. Featuring a new introduction by Pickover, The Science Book showcases humanity's greatest achievements.
Throughout the book, readers take a journey throughout time andobserve how people around the world have understood these patternsof quantity, structure, and dimension around them. TheDevelopment of Mathematics Throughout the Centuries: A BriefHistory in a Cultural Contex provides a brief overview of thehistory of mathematics in a very straightforward and understandablemanner and also addresses major findings that influenced thedevelopment of mathematics as a coherent discipline. This book: Highlights the contributions made by various world culturesincluding African, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Indian, Islamic,and pre-Columbian American mathematics Features an approach that is not too rigorous and is idealfor a one-semester course of the history of mathematics. Includes a Resources and Recommended Reading section forfurther exploration and has been extensively classroom-tested
Presents a series of 250 significant events in the history of astronomy and space exploration, from the original formation of the galaxies, to the space mission to the planet Mars, to speculation about the end of the universe.

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