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Treats the subject of local sour around different kinds of marine structures, exposed to waves and/or currents.
Scour and Erosion IX contains the peer-reviewed scientific contributions presented at 9th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 2018, Taipei, Taiwan, 5–8 November 2018), and includes recent accomplishments about scour and erosion in field observation, experimental laboratory work, theoretical development, numerical modeling and disaster management. The book covers fourteen topics: A. Internal erosion B. River, coastal, estuarine and marine scour and erosion C. Rock scour and erosion D. Sediment transport: grain scale and continuum scale E. Scour and erosion around structures F. Soil erosion, restoration mechanisms and conservation G. Hillslope conservation and debris flow H. Geotechnical issues related to scour and erosion I. Field observation and analyses J. Scour and erosion testing and experiment K. Remote sensing, instrumentation and monitoring L. Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion M. Natural hazards due to scour and erosion N. Management of scour/erosion and sediment.
This book focuses on: (1) the physics of the fundamental dynamics of fluids and of semi-immersed Lagrangian solid bodies that are responding to wave-induced loads; (2) the scaling of dimensional equations and boundary value problems in order to determine a small dimensionless parameter e that may be applied to linearize the equations and the boundary value problems so as to obtain a linear system; (3) the replacement of differential and integral calculus with algebraic equations that require only algebraic substitutions instead of differentiations and integrations; and (4) the importance of comparing numerical and analytical computations with data from laboratories and/or nature.

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