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"Woven from threads of scriptural teaching and human experience"....The Book Exchange, London
HOW WOULD YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? Which is the more crucial problem in most marriages: lack of money--or lack of communication? At what age do children copy adult attitudes and beliefs? Are friends and co-workers entitled to a different standard of courtesy than mate or children? Should children be forced to do household chores? At what age should Òthe facts of lifeÓ be taught? Your score may very well indidicate the Happiness Quotient of your spouse and children! No Is The Time To Love contains the answers, and many more, to help you attain deep, lasting fulfillment in your home--and in your life. It is a book telling what real love is and what it will do--sharing help in a positive Christian way.
Writer and mother Helen Good Brenneman shares 30 devotional meditations that discuss the things a woman thinks about from the time she learns she is expecting until the birth of her child. While the covers have been updated, the interior content purposely retains the original language and beautiful sentiments of the original authors. This series will appeal especially to traditional parents and mothers with a strong faith background who endeavor to raise their families in positive ways. * Daily meditations for 30 days during pregnancy * Great gift idea
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"I feel like throwing up. Sweat and tears mingle on my cheek. 'This will pass,' I try to convince myself. 'This will pass.' I have been at the meditation centre for six days. I have four days left to go. I could get up and walk out the door right now. No one would stop me. But then nothing would change. And everything has to change." Mary-Lou Stephens was lucky to make it into her forties. Therapy and AA helped her recover from her upbringing in an evangelical household; her habit of shoplifting through drama school; her addictions to food, drugs and alcohol; a string of failed love affairs and the break up of several bands. She has landed a dream job as a radio personality. Life is looking good. Except that Mary-Lou has a new boss, a psychopath in a suit. Determined to avoid MORE therapy and desperate to cope with an increasingly toxic work environment, Mary-Lou signs up for a ten-day meditation retreat that requires total silence, endless hours of sitting cross-legged, and a food-as-fuel kind of diet. For a woman who talks for a living, is rarely still and cooks for comfort, this was never going to be an easy task. Darkly funny and beautifully told, Sex, Drugs and Meditation is a tale for those of us who confuse being busy with being happy; the story of a woman who dared herself to stop talking and start living - and loving.

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