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This market-leading textbook continues its standard of excellence and innovation built on the solid pedagogical foundation of previous editions. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect changes in technology, and includes new BJT/MOSFET coverage that combines and emphasizes the unity of the basic principles while allowing for separate treatment of the two device types where needed. Amply illustrated by a wealth of examples and complemented by an expanded number of well-designed end-of-chapter problems and practice exercises, Microelectronic Circuits is the most current resource available for teaching tomorrow's engineers how to analyze and design electronic circuits.
Designed to accompany Microelectronic Circuits, Seventh Edition, by Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith, Laboratory Explorations invites students to explore the realm of real-world engineering through practical, hands-on experiments. Taking a "learn-by-doing" approach, it presents labs that focus on the development of practical engineering skills and design practices. Experiments start from concepts and hand analysis, and include simulation, measurement, and post-measurement discussion components. A complete solutions manual is also available to adopting instructors. Contact your Oxford University Press sales representative for information on how to package Laboratory Explorations with Microelectronic Circuits, Seventh Edition, for great savings!
MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS: ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 3E combines a breadth-first approach to learning electronics with a strong emphasis on design and simulation. This book first introduces the general characteristics of circuits (ICs) in preparation for using circuit design and analysis techniques. This edition then offers a more detailed study of devices and circuits and how they operate within ICs. More than half of the problems and examples concentrate on design and emphasize how to use computer software tools extensively. The book's proven sequence introduces electronic devices and circuits, then electronic circuits and applications, and finally, digital and analog integrated circuits. Readers learn to apply theory to real-world design problems as they master the skills to test and verify their designs. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Linear Systems and Signals, Third Edition, has been refined and streamlined to deliver unparalleled coverage and clarity. It emphasizes a physical appreciation of concepts through heuristic reasoning and the use of metaphors, analogies, and creative explanations. The text uses mathematics not only to prove axiomatic theory, but also to enhance physical and intuitive understanding. Hundreds of fully worked examples provide a hands-on, practical grounding of concepts and theory. Its thorough content, practical approach, and structural adaptability make Linear Systems and Signals, Third Edition, the ideal text for undergraduates.
This text is suitable for students with or without prior knowledge of probability theory. Only after laying a solid foundation in how communication systems work do the authors delve into analyses that require probability theory and random processes. Revised and updated throughout, the fifthedition features over 200 fully worked-through examples incorporating current technology, MATLAB codes throughout, and a full review of key signals and systems concepts.
A 'student-friendly' introduction to the basics of electric circuit analysis, this junior-level text covers traditional material, as well as such modern topics as op-amps and the use of digital computers for circuit analysis. The presentation is very lucid and thorough with clearer and more complete explanations of Kirchoff's laws and nodal analysis, than in comparable texts. Bobrow also places greater emphasis on signals and waveforms. This text features evaluation of initial conditions, phasor diagrams and coverage of SPICE.Key Features:* Difficult concepts explained with exceptional clarity* Effective treatment of computer-aided circuit analysis* The most thorough, up-to-date coverage available* Includes an abundance of examples and problemsSupplement:Solutions Manual availableContents:Basic Elements and LawsCircuit Analysis TechniquesImportant Circuit ConceptsEnergy-Storage ElementsFirst-Order CircuitsSecond-Order CircuitsComputer-Aided Circuit AnalysisSinusoidal AnalysisPowerImportant AC ConceptsThe Laplace TransformTwo-Port NetworksFourier SeriesThe Fourier TransformAppendix: Matrices and DeterminantsSPICE

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